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nico-la-vo 18 May 2010 10:18

Round Two: cape town to uk- route advice needed
help! we have managed tadcaster (england) to oz, now we are saving in oz for the second leg, cape town to tadcaster...

we are just starting to plan now for a mid 2011 leave. but where to go?? whats the best route through africa? pref with interesting off the beaten track places, and some off-roading, but not all the way... we would like to head home via syria and jordan but other than that have no idea yet at all.

also, importantly, anyone got any ideas about daily budget for food and cheapest acccomodation for two? (we can camp and cook for ourselves)

we need advice!

cheers, nicky & adam:helpsmilie:

coxy 26 May 2010 15:38

Hi there.
With all your traverlling you dont need any help in Africa its like driving from Tady to Leeds,if you get into Cope Town head north into Namiba then onto Botswana up to Livingstone in Zambia and so on,you will meet loads of pepole heading South that will keep you right.
Living is cheap if you are camping and the are loads of sites.You have no worry about visas untill Ethiopia and North of, get the Ethiopia in Nairobi but overlanders coming South will keep you wright on that.
Have a look at our site coxmorganoverland.co.uk it may help the is an other site with more info then ours try gapyear4x4.com
Hope this help a bit Coxy.

coxy 26 May 2010 15:58

oopps sorry about Cope Town its Cape Town as i am sour you know Coxy.

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