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zoeed 6 May 2012 08:12

Riding from lahore to Europe and back
Hello all,

I'm planning to take my cbr600rr on a RTW trip in phases. I have toured some 40000kms in Pakistan in the last two years, and now its financially viable for me to start off with my rye trip. I know of only one other person, Moin khan, who has done something similar on his cbr, and I'll be taking notes from him as well

I plan to travel in June 2013.
anyway, in the first phase, I want to see Europe. Iran and Turkey are along the way. Because of the hot weather, I'm not going to explore much of Iran, though Mashaad is one place I want to go to. But for now I'll be going through yaad, tehran, tabriz(maybe), and into turkey.
Turkey is the place I want to start taking my bike around on different mountain roads. I hosted two riders on their maiden trip for their country from Turkey, so I know I have plenty of support.
From there onwards I haven't decided, and your help will be much appreciated in planning my route around europe.
Again i love scenic views and twistie roads and i'm on a budget, so please advise accordingly. I am open to camping as long as I have a decent shower once in a couple of days. I am doing a survival course this summers to coop with camping the following year.
Please share route generously and comprehensively I am depending upon all of you in making this trip a huge success.
Thanks again

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