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brianrossy 24 Jan 2011 11:32

Q: Garmin maps on Nuvi 1390
Howdi all,
I just downloaded a 2.6GB file (world.tgz from Index of /pub/misc/openstreetmap/teddynetz.de/latest) to use as a world map for my Garmin Nuvi 1390. After unzipping it, it shows 21000 *.img files with a couple extras...nothing that can be used in MapSource though.

The problem is the nuvi uses the gmapsupp.img filetype. Is there a way to convert these 21000 img files into a gmapsupp.img file? Or do I need to find another world map in the gmapsupp.img file type!? Running out of GB on the net and have 10 days til departure!


brianrossy 27 Jan 2011 02:43

Or does anyone have a link to a gmapsupp.img map file for the world? I've exhausted my internet googling skills for now.

Capo Sakke 27 Jan 2011 06:38

Look her GPS Underground :: Your Tracks Guide

Or just buy World Map v4

Or load

It's unlocked so you can load to MapSource and send it to SD. :D

brianrossy 27 Jan 2011 13:37

You're a lifesaver mate! Cheers a million for that! Finally have some headway. You have no idea how thankful I am. If i'm in your neck of the woods i'll buy you a beer! Where is your neck?

Capo Sakke 28 Jan 2011 08:01

You well come,

Safe journey and keep in touch when you are this side of the globe. :welcome:

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