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edcallaghan 7 Dec 2003 21:51

Planning a two week trip to Morocco
I am currently planning a two week trip to Morocco. I would really appreciate any advise/routes/tips etc. Thinking about traveling in April.

All advise is really appreciated. Based in London.



iswoolley 8 Dec 2003 00:01

Morocco is a common destination for UK and European based riders. Type Morocco in the search box above, and you'll find more info than you can comfortably digest. Bon voyage.



BikerT 18 Jan 2004 15:11

[QUOTE]Originally posted by iswoolley:

Hi iswooley
Me and my mate are off to Morocco in May me on an f650 funduro and my mate on an africa twin.
Your pics were great what biker were you on I could not enlarge pics to see? The routes you took, was that with map and compass or GPS?

BikerT 18 Jan 2004 15:15

[QUOTE]Originally posted by edcallaghan:
Hi ed
How much info have you gathered yet?
We got as far as border last year but my mate forgot his V5 (left in uk) and I lefy mine at Hostel were we lleft some of our kit just outside Gib.


iswoolley 19 Jan 2004 01:49

The bike was a Yamaha XT600E, Pirelli MT21 tyres, with Oxford Products soft panniers, some kit from Wunderlich (bash plate, oil thermometer, engine guards), a Garmin GPS2+ with routes from Sahara Overland, and a high windscreen sourced from Dave Lambeth.

Had some problems with the webpage, but this URL works now:


The picture with the Timbuctoo sign in Zagora is probably the best shot of the bike.

I took a Michelin map for general navigation, and used a couple of routes from Chris Scott's Sahara Overland book. I manually programmed the waypoints into the GPS, as the 2+ unit doesn't have internal maps and autorouting.

Hope this all helps.


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