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calebdykstra 6 Dec 2005 23:58

Panama to Columbia (help)
Liz and I are currently in Honduras, we are despratly seeking a cheap way around the Darien. We know you can fly for about 600 USD or take a privet boat for about 525 USD but we are running short on money and are looking for any alternative that will or can save us money. If you have any suggestions please let us know. We figure we will be in Panama in about 3 or 4 weeks. Thank you all.
Caleb Dykstra


Werner 7 Dec 2005 07:21

Hi Caleb,
First learn how to spell Colombia. Spelling it with a "u" is wrong, and makes some people reading this very unhappy.
You can, of course, try to walk the "gap", but that is not recommended at this time. There is only one other way I can think of: Contact private yachts in either Pan. City, or Colon, and if you're lucky they will go somewhere in South America after having gone through the canal. Trying to hitch a ride on one of the small contrabandistas is dicey. If you're caught with the baddies, you'll have a lot of explaining to do. And seeing that you'll be travelling with a lady, I wouldn't risk it.
If you're still in Ottawa, give me a call. I'm a local boy, and only recently came back from ColOmbia.
Best of luck.

mmaarten 26 Dec 2005 18:22

Hi Caleb,

I have two options for you:

Send an Email to nooldboldcaptains at yahoo.ca
The guy,s name is Marc and he has a 14 meter sailingboat. He,ll be hapy to take you across, safely and relaxing.
As far as I know price is 250 for you and 250 for the bike. This includes everything (EVERYTHING).
It,s a great trip.
Don,t listen to the bulshit-stories about coke-smugling (aspecialy in the direction of Colombia) it,s all a load of......

The other way (if Marc is busy), go to the Voyager Hostel in Panama-City.
There they have always info on boats going your direction.

Check out the skipers reputation before you go!

Enjoy it!!!!


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