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zentropa 5 Oct 2009 02:24

Panama to Colombia by boat (vid)
I just crossed from Panama to Colombia and made a little video so you can actually see what you might be in for if you decide against flying.
IMO, this is the best (most fun) way to get to SA. A couple days in the San Blas islands eating lobster and playing around in the water, best part of my trip so far.

Hope this is useful. (Unfortunately I can't embed the video so you'll just have to go to my site).

Ignore the error (if you see one), the link works fine.
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BoulderGeek 11 Oct 2009 17:06

How is Colombia treating you?

I am currently being held in the vortex of the Del Rey Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica. I probably won't leave until all of my travel funds are spent. Tengo miedo.

I have my Xela riding partners coming down right now. If you run into a dude from Alaska on an absurdly yellow R100GSPD, a white-haired guy on a red Versys and another guy from Texas on a WeeStrom, say Hi to them. We rode together a lot.

Take time to enjoy the scenery! :scooter:

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