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Richie 10 May 2011 12:51

Not Planning
Hi everyone,
Well i am at present sat away with work and am planning on leaving my job next year. As i have nothing to keep me in th Uk i am hopefully going to go away on an extended trip, well as long as i can to be honest.

All my adult life i have been in a job that tells me where to be when to be there and how im going to get there and it got me to thinking how many people leave for a trip with no route planned at all just an idea of places they want to see and let the people they meet steer them in the right direction?

Some people may think i am foolish asking this and maybe i am but sometimes isn't not planning part of a good adventure or is this me being naive?

JohnBadger 10 May 2011 13:29

Not at all, I'm envious to be honest.

Until 2007 I was doing the same shit every day, well almost, but when I changed jobs and began working for myself I felt liberated. I can get away for a decent trip every year. Next year will be my first time on two wheels.

Just setting off with nothing more than a passport and a vague direction in mind is a fantastic ideal, if you do go ahead, best of luck.

For me, still, I still have limited time frames and as such need to plan a 'There and back again' approach.

Keep us posted!!

John Badger

*Touring Ted* 10 May 2011 13:54

All you need is a general direction and some basic ideas. You will meet people on the road who you will share ideas and suggestions with.. Turn up at any hostel and keep a notebook and map handy. Mine are covered in scribbles, phone numbers, addresses etc..

The only real planning you will really need is with Visas/carnets and maybe the weather and if roads are passable...

Don't be one of these people with plans in stone, tick boxes and have day to day itinerary's. Leave all that to Thomas Cook and the "Gap Yaaah" tour buses.

Do you know which continent/s you want to travel ?

Richie 13 May 2011 16:40

HI JohnBadger and Touringted,
Thanks for your opinions i really am looking at traveling like this, I know that i will have to plan a little with regards to carnets and weather but i really dont want to limit myself to a list of places.

I do have a few places in mind that i would like to see and i would also like to visit some countries that i have been to with work to see how they have changed. Ted i really would like to visit Asia first as from my experience the people from some of these countries have been the friendliest i have ever met.

Im hopefully off to the ripley meet as long as im back in the UK in time so i hope ill meet a few of you and get some ideas and be able to gain some experience from other people that have done this before.

*Touring Ted* 13 May 2011 17:04


Originally Posted by Richie (Post 335490)

Im hopefully off to the ripley meet as long as im back in the UK in time so i hope ill meet a few of you and get some ideas and be able to gain some experience from other people that have done this before.

If I can give you one tip for when you go to Ripley........

Ignore all the big, shiney mega bucks bikes there.. They rarely leave their central heated garages. Don't think you have to spend silly money on survival gear, fancy GPS's and mega expensive panniers...

Keep it cheap, keep it simple and spend your cash on things that matter while you're away..

Keep at least 20 metres away from the Touratech tent at all times otherwise you'l be riding home with a lazer etched titanium soap dish and a military grade solar powered toilet tent with bullet proof windows.. It's also where you're likely to find the "Stockbrokers" laughing at your ideas because you haven't done a BMW riding course or your bike isn't as big as shiney as theirs.

Go and chat with the people with odd, rattly, old bikes.. The people who most people cross over the road from..... They're the ones who can advise you properly and won't rib you not having a gps tracker, a support truck and 90kg of useless survival equipment.. bier

Ripley is a great meeting and there are loads of fab people there who are will guide you on your way :D

danward79 14 May 2011 09:39

Have you read uneasy rider? It is basically the same idea, very funny easy read, and will probably get you in the mood!

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