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kilver 9 May 2011 19:30

Norway, the Alps or northern Spain?
If you had the choice, in July/August would you go to Nordkapp, via Sweden, Norway, then back down through Finland, Eastonia, Poland etc. Or, would you visit the Alps, Austria and Romania. Or, would you choose the mountainous northern Spain, from the French end, along to Santiago (I have already done this one twice. Which would you do? Why? I have up to 4 weeks. Not sure which to do. Holidays are too precious to waste. What do you think? All ideas appreciated.

TurboCharger 9 May 2011 19:49

I'm from Australia so it's all beautiful and different but now after having traveled all over the Alps from Slovenia to France, Italy to Austria and now living in Switzerland, the alpine scenery is quite amazing and I appreciate the huge hills there are to climb in every valley. But for simple contrast between mountains and seas and sheer riding pleasure I would definitely recommend going to Norway. My partner being from Norway probably means I'm biased towards it but it is a simply magnificant country with breath-taking views and incredible motorcycling roads.:funmeteryes:

If you do go North, spend more time island hoping with the ferries in Northern Norway and less time inland or in Finland and Sweden. I would also strongly recommend considering going to Iceland.

Whatever you choose I'm doubtful you'll regret it.:thumbup1:

Whynot 9 May 2011 20:51

I would probably say Norway as well, great roads, stunning scenery, although it can be busy in summer.

Definately go to Romania at some stage as well, it's an amazing country.

motorbaker 12 May 2011 23:16

If I had 4 weeks and had already done the north of Spain - which I have and you don't really need 4 weeks - it would be Nordkapp or Romania. In fact I have exactly that choice in August this year, and at the moment I'm leaning towards Romania/Turkey and back via Greece/Italy. Why? I ride all year round and have had enough of the cold weather, which is likely to prevail towards Nordkapp, and want to unzip my vents, feel the warm air as I ride, and not wake up shivering in a tent! Hope that helps. MB

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