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DuncanH 17 Feb 2005 00:01

Norway - Russia - Baltic States - Western Europe
Have been up in Arctic Norway twice (BMW K1100RS) from UK. I would now like to do it a third time (June 2005) then head east to Russia to Murmansk, south to St Peterburg and return home via the Baltic states that are now part of EEC.
1. Can anyone advise where I might get bike insurance cover for the Russia section everything else is within EEC imsurance cover territory?
2. Is bike insurance 3rd party a legal requirement in Russia?
3. While BMW K1100RS was excellent big tourer for Norway it is heavy and not good on un-made roads. Does anyone know the state of roads from Kirkenes to Murmansk and south from Murmansk to St Petersburg?
4. Is it best to get VISA for Russia here in UK or at border crossing from Norway?
5. Has anyone done this trip and can offer me any advice from their experiences?
6. Are there campsites in Russia and / or can you camp in the wilds?
Many thanks for any help you can provide.
By the way I will be doing this trip solo in June to catch the summer solstice in Arctic Norway, however if there is any UK person or other English speaking person wants to join me for the circuit get in touch. I am 59 years of age, have taken early retirement - it is now my time to go out to play?

simmo 17 Feb 2005 03:16

1.I cant help you on this one.
2.You get it at the border..check the validity dates though.
3. Main roads are sealed but can be rough...corrugations etc.
4. Get your visa before you go, tourist visa is 30 days max, you must state date of entry and exit as well as locations of both points. It is easy to get your "letter of Invitation" from St Petersburg International Hostel...www.ryh.ru
5.When in cities park the bike in an "Avto stayanka" this is a gaurded car park. Dont leave it outside on the street.
Do a search of Russia on the Hubb..lots of posts are available.
6. You can camp but lots of mosquitoes, guestinistas on the roadside are cheap. Dont
try to ride into big cities at night.

St Pete and its surrounds are sensational.

DuncanH 18 Feb 2005 04:45

Alec, Many thanks for your help & advice which I will take. The information is just what I am looking for.

lostrider 22 Feb 2005 14:10

Hi Duncan. I am also going up to Norway in June, possibly a similar route. Have my ferry booked from Newcastle to Bergen. I plan to do the Baltic States but can't be bothered with Russia, too much hastle. Looks like you can get a ferry from Stockholm to Tallin in Estonia but I havent the details yet. See you are only down the road from Nottingham. We ought to meet up

yngveer 2 Mar 2005 19:49

Hi, if you have any questions about Norway, I will try to help you in any way.
Im livving nearby Bergen (western Noray)

engel 9 Jan 2007 08:43

in July i plan to go Norway from Moscow via St. Petersburg and Finland :biggrin::offtopic::ban::scooter:

engel 9 Jan 2007 08:51

"6. You can camp but lots of mosquitoes, guestinistas on the roadside are cheap. Dont try to ride into big cities at night" i can advise not to camp in the tourist tent for a night near the roads and villages :thumbup1:

Jake 9 Jan 2007 21:13

Duncan you can get insurance at the Border it is third party only, It will cost about £15 to £20 for 30 days cover if I remember correctly it is obligatory. If you are stopped without it -you will find it a very big problem and will at least get a roadside fine but maybe worse depending on the police.
The Border you will need your original V5, driving licence, international driving licence(This is the only one I ever show) Carry as many other bits of official documents in a folder (MOT, UK /EU insurance ETC etc) this keeps the border guards busy and happy they love paperwork. You will need to get a temporary import certificate for your bike, a customs decleration and a migration card. You need a visa and invite to get in to the country (try getrussian.com) I found them very good. I also found it helpful and eased the border guards by having a rough translation in to Russian of my paerwork. No one tells you or helps with what you need but I was lucky and the border guards were in good humour. Give big smiles a little Russian Language and everyone is fine. I would stay in Hotels or registered campsites of which there are some - and dont be put off Russia as you go through nikel on route to Murmansk - Its like hell on earth but the russians are really great love bikes and like it that you visit them have a great trip. The roads are rough in places but take your time you will be fine. In st petersburg i can reccomend appartments in the center which are far cheaper than hotels and very secure send me a PM if you want to know more - or come along to dent 3rd Northern Mini meet and have a chat .

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