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mystek 28 Feb 2011 11:47

Northern Caucasus

Hello every onebier

I’ve started planning a tour through north Caucasus and then along the northern coast of Black Sea. The plan is to start in Warsaw, get a quick drive to Makhachkala, and then through Grozny, Vladikavkaz, Elbrus, Sochi up to Odessa. The thing is, that there are not even a few travel guides of north Caucasus, especially from the motorcycle point. So interesting places to visit I select on the Google basis – I look at the fotos. I realize that there is much more to see, so if any one of You has got some experience in those places or even if You were/are planning to go there it would be nice to exchange some info, regarding where to go, what to see.

Thanks for Your reply,

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