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JulieBuny 7 Sep 2008 09:08

No entry to Libya with Israeli stamp in passport
Hi there - is it correct you cannot get into Libya with an Israeli stamp in your passport. Seems that every avenue we have gone through to get a Transit Visa, no guide comes to nothing and now read on a Govt website that you cannot enter Libya with an Israeli stamp in your passport. Its all a bit too difficult.

Second questino - is there a way to get from Egypt to Morocco easily? as we think we will miss Libya & Tunisia all together. Even getting from Tunisia to Morocco is diffcult as nothing direct, having to go to France or Italy by Ferry then back to Tangier.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


QuePasaJero 7 Sep 2008 10:18

That is correct. As a matter of fact, it's correct for most arab/middle eastern muslim countries (not too sure about the far eastern and most african muslim countries though such as malaysia/algeria). The only way to avoid the problem is by asking (when entering/exiting Israel) is for them to stamp a separate piece of paper rather than directly in your passport. They do it without a problem (I had to do it a few times during the 3 years I lived in Lebanon).

If your passport is already stamped, the only way you'll be able to get into those countries that prohibit you entry atm is by "losing" your passport and asking for a new one. If there's an embassy in your current country, it should be relatively straightforward to get a new passport, although depending on your nationality it could take from a few days to over a couple of weeks for the new one to arrive.

As to the second question, sorry, can't help you there.

Anyhow, good luck with everything and safe travels,

JulieBuny 8 Sep 2008 07:17

hi Quepasa
Its a shame. Looks like we will have to drop Libya and Tunisia out of our travel plans. We can't risk them asking to see luggage or wondering how we got from Lebanon to Egypt.. its sort of obvious eh...

And we have been told to drop out Israel from our plans, but thats not an option.

If anyone can think of a better option.. please feel free to chat.

Getting from Egypt to Morocco is not going to be so easy either.
Thanks so much for your help.....Take care

Samy 8 Sep 2008 12:22

Try Lebanon - Syria - Jordan - Egypt

For Egypt Morocco: Best is take a flight with bikes IMHO

QuePasaJero 9 Sep 2008 01:15


Originally Posted by JulieBuny (Post 205778)
We can't risk them asking to see luggage or wondering how we got from Lebanon to Egypt.. its sort of obvious eh...

Well, you might want to take off the "I was in Israel and got the T-Shirt to prove it" sticker off your luggage... :smartass:

Aside from that, if you have a new passport how would they know you came from Lebanon? For all they know you just flew/boated into Egypt.

hopelessly lost 12 Sep 2008 16:35

If you can not drop Israel from your itinerary, then you should drop Libya... just to be safe. I say, "just to be safe," because, really, anything is possible. (I managed to visit Israel AND Libya on my latest motorcycle trip this past winter.) On that trip, I even met a lone, female traveler who had an Israeli stamp in her passport in IRAN! (No, really, I saw the stamp!) And, Libya is more lenient than Iran about the Israeli thing. (So, it would be a gamble.)

It is true, you can visit Israel without getting a stamp in your passport, but it is becoming harder to do so. In order for this to work, you'd have to enter via Jordan from the King Hussein Bridge and explain your situation. If they don't stamp your document (I managed, but a friend of mine tried and it they stamped his passport anyway) then you must leave Israel through the same border crossing back into Jordan before your Jordanian visa expires. (By the way, the King Hussein Bridge does not currently allow private vehicles to cross. I left my motorcycle in a parking lot on the Jordanian side while I traveled in Israel for a few weeks.) Once back in Jordan, you can take a ferry from Aqqaba to Egypt and presto!

Concerning your second question, No. There is no easy way to get to Morocco from Egypt. In fact, even getting out of Egypt can be a pain with a vehicle. You will need to hire a guide for Libya which is easy, but expensive (I found some lost souls in Cairo who were in the same boat as me and we pooled our resources to get across). From Libya, hit Tunisia and take the ferry to France, then from Europe back to Morocco.

Sound difficult? Sort of. But if you find yourself in Egypt with a vehicle, that's one of the easiest options to get out... unless you plan to backtrack or continue to Sudan. (Don't try and backtrack through Syria with an Israeli stamp, though!) Finding ferries to take you and a vehicle out of Egypt to any place other than Jordan gets complicated.

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