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sergiofava 15 May 2001 00:04

Morroco - General advice
I'm (just starting)planning two weeks (two-up) in Morroco in late September, early October.
I've never been to Africa and have no off-road experience, so I'll stick to the main roads, but will do dirt roads if they're usable for my bike and my experience, and would like to try the Atlas if the roads are OK.
I Have a '97 BMW F650 and have done a fair share of touring around Portugal & Spain, but never off-road.
Does anyone want to share some advice, on any topic? From bike security, to health, to route, what *not* to take, how is the typical Morrocan driver, is camping an option, whatever...
I live in Portugal, so it's a one-day-ride only to get there, which leaves me the whole two weeks to ride there. Sweet! :-)



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