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davidstanbridge 16 Nov 2009 16:52

Morocco next summer?
I'm 17 soon to me 18 and have bought my first big bike...XL650 Transalp.

I've been away on long motorbike trips before (Ireland to Croatia and back)...as a pillion.

I'm thinking of heading off this summer to :palm: Morocco :palm: and jumping in at the deep end?

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Do you think that it's a good idea me going? (Solo)

Thanks for your time.


Tim Cullis 16 Nov 2009 17:45

Hi David, welcome to HUBB.

I did it solo when I was 21 (37 years ago). No problems, just ride carefully whilst you get used to the traffic 'rules'. Summer can be extremely hot--there have been threads on this before--but then I first went in summer as well. Mad dogs and Irishmen. :)

Check out the knowledgebase in my signature and come back with any specific questions.


davidstanbridge 16 Nov 2009 19:09

So it is do-able... haha

I'm seriously considering it and have started to roughly plan it but it's a difficult thing to do...

Some people i have spoken to have said book your ferrys and ""wing it"" but i'm not so sure thats such a great idea...

How did you do it?

Had you had any big trips before that yourself?

Tim Cullis 16 Nov 2009 19:44

TriBSA 750cc (bored out from 650cc) café racer with rear-sets, clip-on handlebars and
RRT2 close ratio gearbox--totally unsuited for mountains!

Well it was back in 1972 and I hadn't ridden more than about 200 miles in a day before. I took the ferry to Calais, rode through France and Spain and crossed over to Morocco at Algeciras. It was August and whilst I was in Morocco there was an attempt on the life of King Hassan II so there was a degree of tension with tons of army roadblocks.

Latest style in motorcycle gear. Note the handy security device.

Over the years I've visited Morocco more than 35 times and have spent an accumulated two and a half years in the country, so from that you can deduce that I quite like it.

Nowadays many people get the ferry to northern Spain (details in Knowledgebase) which cuts off a pile of miles. Brittany Ferries is only one night and to save the cost of a cabin you can book a recliner seat then make up a bed on the floor.

Sort out the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar when you get to Algeciras/Tarifa.

Maximus 16 Nov 2009 20:25

I shall be leaving it a little later in the year (mid sept) just after ramadan, hoping it will be slightly cooler.

By the way nice bike Tim......bet the hair do is smart under that helmet......being the 70s an all that.

simonrecordplayer 21 Nov 2009 13:55

hi david,
yeah man its doable of course though most things are, i went down on a honda 550 not as old as tims (mine was a made in 1977) though still a classic...
have your wits about you in places were people will try and help you depart with your cash, the outskirts of towns where blokes on bikes will come next to you wanting to say were to stay and the like. also carpet dealers, souvenirs makers, kids, beggers, all want a piece of you. i'd probbably steer clear of anyone selling you any hashish too as sometimes they can be the police and you really don't want to spend your time in a morrocan gaol.
i purchased insurance on the frontier expect to pay some in-your-face 'officials'
great place mind and well worth it anytime of the year......


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