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monsler 9 Jan 2012 19:59

Mongolia, Kazakhstan routes please!
Going from Ulaanbataar -Kazakhstan-Ukraine

Asking for good routes through Mongolia and through Kazakhstan-Ukraine.
and info on border crossings.
do i need to go via Russia into Kazakhstan?
How many kilometres are we talking?
I cant find a good tool to measure the distances with.

We are travelling by ATV so all info on really bad roads and big water crossings are apreciated.

you can e-mail maps to monsler@live.se

Zimi 5 Feb 2012 20:58


yes you need to go trough Russia to go from Mongolia to Kazakhstan! And you need a russian visa of course as well as visa for Mongolia and Kaz.

Bordercrossing are easy

Kazakhstan have paved roads but with tons of potholes, very deep sometimes

Mongolia, almost no roads and river crossings, sand, mud, dirt... everything

Russian roads are fine

here is my route if you are interested
zimiontheloose.ch | Rock'n'roll Motorcycle Adventure!

Capo Sakke 6 Feb 2012 05:58

Please read these posts first. :thumbup1:

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