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pegaso adv 23 Dec 2008 16:20

MONGOLIA:..have anyone ride this stretch??
Hello all !! I need help, I want to travel in one year, from Spain to Japan...along and across some countries. I want to ask about this...part.

Have anyone ride with moto this stretch from the Russia border to Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) ?? In the map I show you the main "road" in red colour (A) [1118 miles] and optional "roads" in yellow colour.(B) If you have ride...can you say me if is good or not? what is your favourite ride? are they asphalt roads? or tracks?

I really would like ride this strech , but i want to know more.

*any good worldwide road site,talking about Mongolia so far country?

Thanks for all my friends. Always welcome to south west of Spain (Sevilla)



KTMmartin 23 Dec 2008 16:45

I've ridden A (and not B) to UlaanBaatar in August 2007. Gets better as you get closer to UB, but consider it all to be scrub/rocks and corrugated packed earth and not a road. Some places are just thick deep gravel. In places it breaks into many small tracks. Follow the minibuses if you can, they know the best routes.

They were building what looked to be a highway about 150 miles west from UB a year ago, it might be finished now?

pegaso adv 23 Dec 2008 17:56

Hello KTMmartin !!!

first thanks about all the information, really so important to me, this travel (my travel) is planned in advance...

we will go next summer, the I want to prepare well. I travel with 3 moto (and friends) more. Our trip is 3 months from Spain to Japan, the part of Mongolia... we want to find the "real" Mongolia, travel and see nice landscapes, but it is true too, we dont want to brake our motorbikes, we travel in modern heavy and "fragile" bmw GS 1200, and the travel is so long. I have check all the photos to your site "mongol bikers.com" (incliding:"Ali and Rich / and Sand Badgers albums)... and the track dont look dificult. Is this true? did you have problems driving the bike driving from Russian border to Ulaanbaatar? (I know your bike is lighter).are sand roads?

Can you ask me this questions please?

*we will use off roads wheels.

I take this photo from your friends albums: is this road?

AGAIN..thanks about all... ^___^ to you !!!!:scooter:
form Spain. Sevilla.

spakur 23 Dec 2008 19:08


I was in mongolia last summer on my KTM640. I entered and exited in the western Mongolia. I did first the southern and middle route to UB and then the Northern Route on the way back to the western border.

I specially enjoyed the routes in the West and North where there was high mountains. The Southern route is the quickest they say and also possible with a 2WD. If you are in a hurry do the Southern, it you want a little bit more adventure do the North. There is also a route in the middle all the way from the west (marked white and later yellow on your map) which (I think) has more traffic than the Northern route.

It can sometimes rain in the North and Central. In the South there is usually no rain.

Take it easy the first two days in Mongolia. I met several bikers (4 out of 16) that had broken collar bones/ribs or similar injuries after crashing in Mongolia. Most of them had the crash the first day.

Have fun and take it easy!

KTMmartin 23 Dec 2008 19:12

Hi Pegaso adv,

A person only has time to take photos when riding the easy roads :)

Some bits are sand when the 'main' 'road' is being repaired. If it does not rain the roads will be OK for your 1200 if you use good hard off-road tyres. The rocks are sharp and will eat your rubber if you are hard on the throttle.

I crashed once in Mongolia going at my 125cc top speed of 50mph, this was because the rocky gravel turned to deep sand by surprise - be careful!

pegaso adv 24 Dec 2008 15:57


Post answer to SPAKUR:

According to SPAKUR...

-"North Route" (green colour sign); enjoy route about mountains / little bit more adventure way / sometimes can rain

-"Middle Route" (pink colour sign); More traffic than the North / sometimes can rain

-"South Route" (orange sign colour); quiquest way / if you are in a hurry do this route / less rains

Thanks Spakur for all the advices about no run too much!!! we really want to travel relax without breakages and problems. (I hope)

KTMmartin advices;

Some bits are sand when the 'main' 'road' is being repaired. If it does not rain the roads will be OK for your 1200 if you use good hard off-road tyres. The rocks are sharp and will eat your rubber if you are hard on the throttle.

I crashed once in Mongolia going at my 125cc top speed of 50mph, this was because the rocky gravel turned to deep sand by surprise - be careful!

Really thanks again!!! :clap:Pegaso from Spain.

SOMEONE HAVE MORE OPINIONS ABOUT THIS ROUTE???? (all information really welcome)

KTMmartin 24 Dec 2008 22:36

Just to add, we didn't go the northern route because of a rumour of a landslide and impassible flooded rivers. Do try and ask the locals or other travellers before deciding for sure which route to take.

pegaso adv 25 Dec 2008 21:44

:scooter: KTMmartin, Thanks again for the last information about choose the route, I know finally the local opinion is very important, more in this remote tracks (routes). I think finally we will arrive Mongolia from the west border. and..we will choose maybe the south route. depend time, "traffic" etc.. maybe we choose other. But the main point is CARE our bikes to arrive fine to Bladivostock.(Rusia)

Thanks again. Antonio (Sevilla)

Sjeng 28 Dec 2008 08:41


I only can agree with KTMartin en spakur, The southern route is the "easiest".
Be prepared to take enough water and gas (350 km).
We've done this part of Mongolia in 2007, the North-West was the most exiting ride of my life. The most stunning sceneries you can imagine.

See: To Mongolia 2007 - ADVrider

and Altai & Gobi 2007 in dutch but with pictures

If anymore questions just ask...........have a good ride.

Sjeng 28 Dec 2008 09:02

Oh by the way.........

Be sure to stay at the Oasis guesthouse in UB. It´s a heavenly place to stay,
when we were there, the place was loaded with travellers. Very, very nice.

N 47 54,706
E 106 58,857


pegaso adv 28 Dec 2008 15:42

Hello SJENG , first thank you for all the information and congratulations about your good travel (I saw all your post)...then...you say me..

The south route is the "easier" but even the easier....I need...be prepare to some stretch of the route without...nothing; no pretrol station, no wather...in 350 kilometers? well then we need take a jerry can to Mongolia anyplace we will go. thanks!!

*my motorbike is a GS 1200 adventure with big petrol tank.

Oasis hostel look great.!!!..now I keep like first option. sure good place to relax after long dirt rides in moto.

A last question:

Do you advice me to use in Mongolian dirt tracks...a 100% of road tires? / I was thinking in use...a 60% of road tire like this...MITAS E 07
MITAS a.s. - Enduro cestovnÃ*

What do you think?

Thanks for all...SJENG / Pegaso (Sevilla/Spain) :mchappy:

Sjeng 29 Dec 2008 10:00


I did use Michelin deserts for off roadtracks in Kazachstan and Mongolia and Conti TKC for tarmac and gravel. The tires never caused any problems this way, you only have to change a few times.

pegaso adv 29 Dec 2008 11:06

Thanks SJENG !!! ^__^ :mchappy:

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