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MostlyHarmless 26 Sep 2009 21:53

London to Istanbul
I've gotta get to Istanbul reasonably quickly - hopefully leaving middle of next week on a loaded 650 single.

Any up to date info on the route through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria would be much appreciated - would prefer to avoid the motorways but because I need to make good time I also need to avoid too many of the slow and twisties...

Also wanting to do this reasonably on the cheap, so any up to date info on getting good value accomodation would also be appreciated...


martinjeffes 29 Sep 2009 05:08

Roads as far as the border between Hungary and Romania are very good, but mainly like motorways. Once you are in Romania they are not good. The route I use through Romania is across the border at Jimbolia, Timisoara, Drobeta, Craiova, Alexandria and then over the Danube at Giurgiu. There are hotels, not expensive, in Caransebes and Drobeta. Having a compass with you is quite useful, as road signs are virtually non-existant.
Once in Bulgaria there is an English-run campsite near Veliko Tarnovo and ours, called Sakar Hills Camping, is at Biser, near the Turkish border.
All the best and have a good trip,
Martin Jeffes.
Sakar Hills Camping,

cocoon 29 Sep 2009 13:05

If you need help when you come to İstanbul you can call me... Or write on HUBB

Best All,

Mobile : +90 533 220 18 19

ozhanu 29 Sep 2009 20:36

i have traveled from the UK to Turkiye in 2006. however, i took the ferry, instead of riding through balkans. my route was, from dover to calais, riding through france, crossed switzerland, and reach venice in italy. took the ferry there to igumenitsa-Greece. from igumenitsa to istanbul is 1100km. i have done this in 4 days.

MostlyHarmless 29 Sep 2009 21:55

Thankyou everyone for you responses... Much appreciated.

Panny 29 Sep 2009 22:54

First, go through north Luxembourg + the Belgum Ardennes. Nothing compareable around. If you are interested in details for Lux, contact me.

In Ex Yugoslawia, my favorit amongst great countries is Montenegro: second most depest vallay of the world: Tara River + Durmitor National Park.

Serbia is better, than it´s image and Bosnia Herzegovina is absolutely great!

Stay away from the black sea´s shores of Rumania and Bulgaria. Great Countries, but not at the shore. Except the Donau Delta, which is worth a visit and a day´s trip on a boat, the rest of the shore is all-in-hotels and you will rarely see the black sea.

Bulgarias best spots are in the west: Belogradcik is a MUST. I also recommend the Iskar-Valley, Melnik and Kavacevica!

In Istanbul I can recommend hotel Resince (can be booked through hrs), which is located very central and has a police station 100 m away. Two globetrotter-motorcycles parked directly in front of the station, patrolled by policemen with utzis all night long. They even left their helmets and gloves on the bikes.

Contact me, if you are interested in first hand experiences about several rides to the balkan and Turkey. I live in Trier, Germany and would be happy, to have a couple of beers with you, if your route comes along.

A motorcycle-nomad´s job is a hard one, but somebody has to do it.


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