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wuming 25 Apr 2011 15:15

London to Australia
I am in the very early stages of planning a London to Australia trip starting early 2013. Below is a rough outline of my preferred route:
London - Turkey (Europe stage to be fine tuned later)
Uzbekistan (I have wanted to visit Khiva, Samarkand and Bokhara for a long time)
Kyrgyzstan and/or Kazakhstan
Malaysia (freight the bike to Aus.)

Anybody know of any obvious problems with this route? Any impossible/improbable/impassable borders? I am fully aware of the China problem; but I am hoping that the situation will have improved by 2013. If not, then it may have to be the alternative of cutting the corner of China (with guide:() to the KKH and Pakistan before heading into India, Nepal and freighting the bike to South East Asia from Kathmandu. Any suggestions are welcomed. I know that the political situation along this route can change a lot before I set off, so my plans are reasonably flexible. Just wanted some opinions on the plan at this stage. Cheers all.

Edit: Should perhaps mention that the aim is to get to Aus in time for the Lions tour which will be June (ish). So, starting in Europe will be damn cold; but I haven't had a look at weather/time of year/route stuff yet.

pecha72 26 Apr 2011 19:49

I would continue to Indonesia & possibly East Timor, and then freight to Oz (the Perkins shipping line actually goes Singapore -> East Timor-> Darwin). Indo is really a fantastic place, and you´ll probably have the carnet already, if you want to go to Oz.

Crossing whole China is gonna cost big time... well, here´s hoping things will change! (but I wouldnt make my plans counting on it!)

Bobduro 27 Apr 2011 04:21

Hi Wuming,

We're doing a very simlar trip to that right now. you should add Pakistan into that list - the highlight of our trip so far. Pecha72 isn't wrong about the cost of crossing China. We did just the 6 day crossing from Kyrg into Pakistan and that was expensive (made cheaper by having got a group together on the Hubb) but we did meet a group of 4 Malaysian bikers who did Laos to Kyrg by bike but it cost them $16,000!!!!.......(they were heavily sponsored!)

We had intended to go through Iran but were rejected for our Visa 3 times so eventually went via Georgia (really nice) and Azerbaijan (not so nice - v corrupt) - still, all part of the experience.

Don't expect China to have changed - this isn't some temporary ruling, it's the way they do things and until the paranoia ends it'll stay the same.

We've had all sorts of obstacles on our trip, both manmade and natural but it's only added to the trip and we've been met with nothing but utterly humbling warmth and friendliness the entire time.

Obviuosly things change but if you go to our blog (see link below) we have a page on 'borders' etc which is up to date and might answer a few questions. Also check out 'Pakistan' in our gallery and then tell me you don't want to go!...

If you've any questions give me a shout.

mark manley 27 Apr 2011 06:54

It is not just the cold in Western and Central Europe but the monsoon in Asia could be a problem, it could be an uncomfortable trip a lot of the way, if you could pass on the rugby, no pun intended, it would be better to leave later, August or September would be good.

wuming 27 Apr 2011 09:28

Thanks for the replies so far.
pecha72: if time permits, then yes I will carry on down through Indonesia. Although I have travelled there before (albeit sans bike), so with the time I envisage having, I would like to explore more of the 'stans and, fingers crossed, China. I have already spent a lot of time in China also, love it and there is always more to see and do there.

bobduro: loving the blog! No doubt I will have many questions for you as my plans progress. I agree that China situation is unlikely to alter much, but hope springs eternal! Like yourselves, Pakistan via the KKH is very probable if China doesn't work out.

mark: Thanks for the heads up. I really do need to look into the weather thing more. The Lions was to be the icing on the cake, but the trip is more important to me, so the departure season may well change.

Any more suggestions, advice, must go to..., much appreciated.

wuming 24 May 2011 16:46

Update: it is now going to be a London to Malaysia trip. Due to the timing/seasons, I am going to leave the Lions tour for a seperate trip. On the plus side, I get the same amount of time (3 to 4 months) to do less distance, so a little more laid back, AND I now intend to set off late July or early August 2012. Route is still much as stated, although any more advice/suggestions very welcome. I am making tentative enquiries in China and would ideally travel from Kyrgyzstan (Torugart Pass) into Xinjiang to Yunnan (Mohan?) to Laos. Although the "cut" to Pakistan and the KKH seems more likely/feasible. Anybody else going this way next year? Cheers all.beer

Mehmet Zeki Avar 24 May 2011 22:05

hope to meet you in our club to donate you with the tips and information for hidden paradises in Turkey..
If you accept, 4 more beers will be placed in the refrigator of our clubs guest house.
wish you all the best.

tomski 25 May 2011 13:48

Wuming shame we cant go together, we're setting off mid october and see how far we get to by mid-december, ultimate aim is get to oz but we'll see what happens enroute...

in the stages of collecting all the info and drafting a proposed track, will probably create a blog/site of some sort so will post a link here when done...i'm seriously putting doubt into me mates head about this ktm and the amount of electronics/computers etc (i'm travelling on a 1990 dr 800 hence lol) but other than that all is going to plan though obviously early days...working on a couple of potential sponsors also but these things as as rare as ..... so not holding my breath

due to china our route is planned as follows:
bangladesh and ship/freight to thailand from there
back through thailand
indonesia and either east timor or straight to oz

well...thats the plan anyway :thumbup1:

wuming 25 May 2011 17:39

zeki: sounds good; always up for a beer (or 4).
tomski: you never know, if you extend your trip, I might catch you up! Have you got a blog or will you be posting progress reports on the HUBB? I will be interested to follow your progress.
Cheers all.bierbeer

baluchiman 25 May 2011 18:27

Hi Tomski

I'm really interested in your plans. I note you are allowing yourself a couple of months to get to Australia. It's ambitious but doable, I reckon. I'm interested, as I am considering a similat trip, two months to get to Oz, then a month travelling around.

I rode to New Delhi in 1995, it took me 24 days, with three days off due to break downs, so i'm guessing if you had sixty days, you could do it.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is your budget for the trip?

tomski 25 May 2011 23:47

hoping to start a blog type site soonish...start prepping soon, at the mo just sorting out the bike after a little accident due to a cat :oops2:

baluchiman, so not sure on budgets yet....we're going to be doing it on the cheap ie sleeping in tents or hostels (guessing that in places like india/thailand we'll have cheap good hotels etc) at best probably, eating local where possible and so on....but i'm building up a cost guide so will post some further details

so very rough at the mo and looking at around £3k for the trip which would cover fuel, most expensive freight (which is the one to thailand) and food/living costs

there's also the pre-start costs being carnet, bike bits/tyres, visas etc...I'd say at best £3k at worst £5k me thinks...

incidently we would also want to get to oz and travel a fair bit...my farm is in mid central nsw but me mate is settling in wa..so idea is to possibly do the loop in oz but that will defo depend on the time that will take us to get to oz in the first place...

cathal 26 May 2011 20:10

That was quick

Originally Posted by baluchiman (Post 336755)
I rode to New Delhi in 1995, it took me 24 days, with three days off due to break downs, so i'm guessing if you had sixty days, you could do it.

I impressed.
I've been thinking of the same trip,Ireland to Oz for years now.
Interested to follow this thread.
My bike is just about ready,just waiting to hit 100,000 kms(at 97,000) and I'll do a full top end rebuild and she's good to go.
Possibly depart 2012 in time for my 40th.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 26 May 2011 22:16

I would like to give you more information about riding in Turkey and İran,gasoline prices,tips for safety but long time to go for you and things are going to change so fast..So I think better to keep in touch and give you the up to date information when you start the journey.
For eg.. 1 Lt.gasoline almost 2 euros in Turkey now. 1,5 Lt. 1 dollar in İran.. Half price with public carnets in iran but be careful people are trying to sell carnets which has no complete credit..

wis you all the best.

pecha72 27 May 2011 06:38

Europe to Oz in 2 months?? I spent 6 months, and thought I was in a hurry!! Almost every biker, that I met on the way, who were doing this route, had spent more time on the road, than I had available. Later on I thought 8-9 months would´ve probably been ideal for me.

Of course there may be time constraints, that we are unable to overcome. But on the planning stage, I would do everything that I possibly can, to avoid making it a race against time. There´s just so much to see and do along the way. Lots of places, where you can easily spend days or weeks... dirt cheap in Asia, too. And very hard to ever return to those places again... on a bike at least. Real shame, if you cannot enjoy them while you need to keep pushing to reach your goal!

And you´re gonna need to freight the bike at least a couple of times, that is something that takes time, too. Plus you´re gonna pay for those exactly the same amount regardless of how long you will stay. The same goes for most of the paperwork, carnet, etc.

I think it is probably do-able somehow, if you really cannot arrange any more time, but you still want to do it. But you can´t help the fact, that you´re gonna miss out on a LOT, if you only have 60 days.

Something from our trip here (some parts still in Finnish, but will be translated when I´ve got time!):

agbucks 29 May 2011 20:11

london to australia
starting to plan my trip and was expecting to include china - what is the current issue that is causing the transit problem?
i am aware you need a guide but beyond that i was not expecting any issue.

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