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mjp.xrl 14 Jan 2007 13:08

london to south africa via east route?

Me and 2 other friends are planning a tour through africa via the east route.
We are going to start in London and basically have about 3 months to get down to south africa.
We are looking for a way to get into egypt via a ferry or from libiya to sudan without going through egypt or someway that we can get quicker to east africa.

Has anyone done this before or have an idea?

the basic route from sudan looks like this = sudan - uganda - Kenya - Tanzania- Mosambiek - Malawi - Zambia - Namibie - Botswana - South Africa.


5 Eyes 14 Jan 2007 17:39


I will be travelling the East route from the bottom up in July
my route will be fly the bikes from ireland to Namibia then down to Cape Town, Botswana, Zimbabwe , Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethipoia, Sudan , Egypt, then on to Israel and finish up there.

I think there is no way to go down except through Egypt and even though its a bit of hassle its not impossible. To go around it would be hard and dangerous. When you get into Egypt the way to get to Sudan is to take a ferry from Aswan to Wadi Haifa

let me know when you are going and if i can be of any other help


Matt Roach 14 Jan 2007 23:29

The Sudan-Uganda border crossing might be a bit problematic, as this entire area has been politically unstable for many years, due to both the civil war in southern sudan and LRA activity around the boder area. Currently despite the LRA "ceasefire / negotiations" in Uganda there is still supposed to be significant LRA activity around the border area and there have been a number of aid workers killed here in the last few years (along with many locals). Most of the aid agencies who transit this route carry armed guards on their convoys to prevent being hijacked.

You might want to check the security situation (and indeed whether the border region will be officially open to foreigners) closer to your departure date. The Sudanese might also try and prevent you heading south without a permit from Khartoum.

if you can't get through the traditional east africa route is Sudan-Ethiopia-Kenya.


mjp.xrl 15 Jan 2007 13:15

How do I get into egypt from uk?
I have a friend that went to the south part of sudan about 2 months ago. We are looking to help the local farmers along the nile to start farming again. He went to see if things is looking up and how the locals will treat us.
He said that he never felt in danger and that the people was very friendly and helpfull so I suspect everyting will be okay.
But thanks for the info,will definitily make sure that everyting is safe before we leave.

How do you get into egypt from the UK?is there a very between greece and egypt?

Bossies 16 Jan 2007 11:29

The first time I posted on these boards I was seriously miffed by the "stupid" response I got from people but when I did as they said and actually spent some time reviewing all old posts and using the surprisingly efficient search functions I found most of my answers and could then come back with more specific questions.

An example would be that in Novemebr someone asked the same question about ferries....I could tell you "Go search and find it yourself"...but this time I will just give you the answer: No there are no ferries between Europe and Egypt.

Now go find out about the guide you need to accompany your party through Lybia.

Three months is quite fast but doable (according to those that have done it). Although you are taking a bit of a zig-zag route...I would dump the wet boggy north of Mozambique and the rather dull Botswana which both have poor roads to accomodate the speed of your crossing.

Good luck and enjoy all the planning...

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