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mrbrjohns 3 Nov 2012 13:26

London to India: Istanbul to Iran route tips?

I am on my way from London to India. I am currently in Istanbul and will head East in a couple of days. I don't want to take too long to get across the border as winter is approaching, so I'm basically heading straight east.

This is a skeleton plan with some gaps that I would be grateful for some advice on.

Istanbul to Amasya with overnight I think in Ilgaz or somewhere else if someone has a recommendation. It's too far to do in one day, for me anyway. I'll stay in Amasya for one or two nights. Does anhone know how high the road passes through this area?

Amasya to Erzerum with overnight somewhere along the way - any recommendations? I'm trying to keep the riding to 4-5 hours max. plus stops.

Erzerum to Dogubayazit perhaps with a detour to Kars to see Ani if I have time.

Any tips on accommodation is these places is also welcome.

And please get in touch if you are also doing this route so we can try and hook up and swap war stories.



spooky 3 Nov 2012 17:35

you talking about 2500Km from Istanbul to Erzerum, you gonna be freezing this time of the year... been in that area in July and it was cold and wet in the eastern mountains then, I even found snow patches in 2300m left overs from last winter... well lets say it is a good road with a few roadwork construction sides with miles of gravel from time to time, on wide open wind blown mountain plains you have to cross, mainly between 1300m and 1800m above sea leave, in some cases even higher up to 2600m. There is a main road going all the way from Istanbul to Erzerum and than further east to the border... well what the Turks where telling me was that Erzerum and Kars are known for being a cold place even in summer, so try to ride shorter distances in a day and carry on take your time.. take a few more day if needed, there are some hotels on the way.

oh yeah I needed a week to cover the distance from Georgia all the way along the route Ardahan, Kars, Horasan, Erzerum, Erzican, Sivas, and so on back to Buras and Greece, didn't push it but didn't wast time either... (in July) just to give you a idea....

did wild camping so don't know about accommodation... sorry
good luck

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