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LRyder 30 Sep 2009 19:19

Info of Ferry between India and Thailand
Hello everyone

Im looking for some info about car ferries between Chennai India and Thailand. Im not sure if such a thing exists, I just heard some second hand information today about a German couple doing just that.

Could this be true or is my only option to put the car into a container and ship it across.

Cheers in advance for your advice


nico-la-vo 5 Oct 2009 05:49

There are no passanger ferries that leave India to anywhere outside mainland (Andamand o.k I think), let alone Thailand. You must fly even to Sri Lanka. We would love to get on a boat with our bike but it looks impossible. The only possible way is if the freight ship that takes the bike let you on, but that is a long shot as I dont think they will have correct passport facililties to take you at the ports. Some freight routes do take passaners though. Shipping from Bangladesh instead of chennai seems to be a cheaper option. We are there now and will be arranging shipping in next weeks or so. Would love to get on boat but will have to wait and see if that is possible, think we may be forced to fly. Good liuck and please let me know if I am wrong, I would love to be.

saliadarunavuelta 5 Oct 2009 09:55

Hello. If you are so kind, I'm EXTREMELY interested in your option of Bangladesh-Thailand. I'd be VERY thankful if you can drop me a line to notokes (at) g ma il. com when you have contact info of an agent that does this cargo. Thanks so much.

LRyder 5 Oct 2009 12:01

Cheers for the info, and good luck with the rest of your trip

nico-la-vo 12 Oct 2009 11:33

We are in Chittagong now trying to arrange the shipping. We have contacted a few shippers, best are PIL and Homebound. Both are on Sheik Mujhib Road, easy to find. Cost for bike is around $450, but there will be expenses in Bangkok which I dont know yet but I am trying to work out. I willl put completed shipment on the shipping pages when its all done.

Remco 18 Apr 2011 17:16

Hi Nico-la, how did it go in the end? :-)

Very interested to learn about your experience. I am in Vietnam and planning to do a trip back to Netherlands. So how much did the ferry cost you, how long did it take, and how much headache?


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