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parkie 20 May 2002 19:39

Indonesia to Papua New Guinea
Am in the planning stages for an overland trip from UK - NZ & I have seen much discussion on how to get bikes from SE Asia to Aus.
I was wondering if it is posible to ride from Irian Jaya (Indonesia) into Papua new Guinea & then ship/fly the bike from Port Moresby to Darwin? Does anyone know if this is feasible?

Macca 21 May 2002 18:09

G'day Parkie,
The short answer is no, there are no roads leading into PNG from Irian Jaya, it is a rather sensative border re Indonesia's annexation of Irian Jaya and the internal strife that accompanies such a regime.

As for travelling in PNG you are limited to the only road network and I use the term loosely is from Lae to Mt. Hagen and currently one of the bridges has collapsed so vehicle traffic is very limited at the moment.

The only road network out of Port Moresby is up to the Kokoda Track (20 Miles) just be careful of 'Rascols' (criminals). PNG is a very bueatiful country to visit but has no road network to speak of so as for a motorcycle adventure it is some what limited, as an adventure in itself it has that in spades.

Without adventure life is in full decay.

parkie 22 May 2002 17:47

Thanks for the info - looks like that routes out of the question.

Macca 23 May 2002 18:08


I didn't want to dampen any spirits, however, realistically PNG is a no go area if only because of the topographic features,ie mountainous with no road infrastructure.

Without adventure life is in full decay.

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