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Spud 19 Sep 2001 19:48

India to UK - which route now?
Myself and a friend will be making the trip back from India on two Enfield Bullets around April/May 2002. With the trouble now in the Middle East due to disaster in NY, we were wondering if there was another route we could take instead fo the usual hippie trail through Pakistan/Iran/Turkey?
Any ideas?.. we have a mad plan of ship the bikes to Thailand then ride through to Vietnam, China, Russia? Does this sound ok to anyone?

Grant Johnson 20 Sep 2001 02:45


First off remember that things change very fast - as if we need reminding after Sept 11 - it could just as easily have all settled down by April. Or gone to hell in a handbasket...

Regardless, the idea of going through China is a no go. Search the board for "China" and you'll find more on this, but basically forget it. You could fly from Vietnam to Japan and then by ferry to Russia.

You could also fly India to Turkey or Greece.

Keep checking the board, read the newsletters, watch the situation, and keep your plans loose - there is enough information on the site so that you could change plans anytime and make it through okay.

Grant Johnson

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Spud 20 Sep 2001 15:58

Many thanks Grant. Lets hope for the best. May I also commend you on a superb site. This website is going to a bit of a lifesaver when I am away.
Cheers - Spud

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