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Rene Cormier 2 Oct 2003 06:40

Help with "What to see on the big trip?"
While planning my rtw, I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to see in each country while there. Guidebooks, maps, and www sites seemed to overwhelm me at times, until I remembered that the United Nations had already complied this list for me: the UNESCO World Heritage Site list (http:://whc.unesco.org/heritage.htm) which lists by country, "... cultural and natural properties, and considered to be of outstanding universal value." George Bush may not agree with the UN, but I rather like them, and the list is a great source of info, as it also provides scientific info about the sites as well. Granted, you won't find the "Top 10 Nude Beaches in Australia" in here, but its a great place to start to gather ideas.

MCP 4 Oct 2003 09:30

What countries are you planning to see in Europe and whats your route RTW?

Rene Cormier 7 Oct 2003 09:57

Will be skipping most of the 'proper' Euro countries because of cost. I'll go back when I'm 75 and get a name tag with a bus tour.
RTW route is Central America until June, South America until spring, over to Africa and up the east side. Eastern europe, the 'Stans, and India before the Far East, Indonesia, Oz, NZ, and back to North America. With any luck, will have enough money to fly from NZ to South America and drive up , rather than flying directly into LA or Vancouver.

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