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LittleJoe 18 Apr 2006 22:51

First Leg - Wisconsin to Washington
Ok, so I've got a bit of a trip in the works for September/October (setting off late August/early September) this year. My first big trip on a bike - and so
my first route that will undoubtedly change. Heres the first draft - ANY suggestions on route alteration, stopping
more often, stuff to see are greatly welcomed. Its a bit hard to follow in writing, so here's a link to a map


and also (I hope) a set of points for google earth that will help you work it all out send me a message and I can email the file over to you (only 40kb)

Anyone who wishes to join me for any portion of the trip is more than welcome to, so long as you're good at changing
tubes, tyres, oil etc... etc.. ;)

Day 1
Madison, WI - La Crosse, WI - Approx 150 Miles
The 150 Miles follows the interstate, and I'll probably take a different route as i don't really want to travel on
anything bigger than a freeway.

Day 2
La Crosse, WI - Worthington, MN - Approx 250 Miles (400)
Almost clean across Minnesota in one day. 250 miles is a lot, but the idea of this is to see if what I've got down
now is realistic.

Day 3
Worthington, MN - Chamberlain, SD - Approx 200 Miles (600)
another long day, but I haven't really got much to see until western South Dakota, Today I'll also travel through
Sioux Falls and stopoff at the falls (predictably).

Day 4
Chamberlain, SD - Somewhere just east of Badlands NP, SD Approx 125 Miles (725)
A bit of a non-day, just an easy ride to set up an early camp somewhere just outside of the Badlands NP

Day 5
East of BLNP, SD - Sage Creek Camp ground, BLNP, SD Approx 60 Miles (785)
Now the fun begins! Sleep in a little today and then head out to the Badlands taking the Loop road and then the sage
creek rim road to the stunningly free sage creek camp ground (but not before gathering plenty of supplies)

Day 6
Sage Creek Camp ground, SD - South of Custer State Park, SD - Approx 100 Miles (885)
Another Day in and around badlands, crossing under the park on lots of County roads.

Day 7
South of Custer SP, SD - Sundance, WY - Approx 175 Miles (1060)
County roads through the lower half of the state park(s) and then up to Mt Rushmore via the Needles scenic route for a
Hitchcock re-enactment for my Mum. Then a 100 Mile blast through the rest of the park, finishing up about 25 Miles
south east of The Devils tower. WYOMING BABY!

Day 8
Sundance, WY - Buffalo, WY - Approx 150 Miles (1210)
Set off to go see the Devils tower then over to Buffalo for maybe somewhere with a hot shower and a REAL bed.

Day 9
Buffalo, WY - Cody, WY - Approx 200 Miles (1410)
Plenty of scenic byways here - so a relaxed day following them over to Cody, may take a detour to Little Bighorn,
adding an extra night out into this section.

Day 10
Cody, WY - Flagg Ranch, WY - Approx 175 Miles (1585)
Travel the 50 miles from Cody to the eastern entrance to Yellowstone, take the main loop of Yellowstone, stopping for
some sightseeing (and hoping that it'll be quiet! 6th of September (ish)) Old Faithful etc... Exit through the south
and camp at flagg ranch in the Tetons NP.

Day 11-13
Flagg Ranch, WY - Helena, MT - Approx 300 Miles (off-road) (1885)
Join the Continental Divide route and follow it up to somewhere near or in Helena

Day 14
Helena, MT - Lewiston, Idaho - Approx 300 Miles (2185)
Follow freeway 12 all the way from Helena to the Idaho/Washington state lane, stop in Idaho.

Day 15
Lewiston, Idaho - Kennewick, WA - Approx 120 Miles (2305)
Continue along the 12 until it becomes the 124, finally work out why all the fields are circular here! WHY!? oh
curse you google earth!

Day 16
Kennewick, WA - Mount Rainer, WA - Approx 170 Miles (2475)
Buzz on over to Mount Rainer and attempt to camp on or around it - Ideally for free (as with most of my camping)

Day 17
Mount Rainer, WA - Woodland, WA - Approx 125 Miles (2600)
Take a big loop around Mount Saint Helens, following the Nf-25 and 90, possibly some unmarked tracks that are higher
up? Finish up just south west of St. Helens.

Day 18
Woodland, WA - Port Angeles, WA - Approx 230 Miles (2830)
Cruise on up to get a good nights sleep and see the pacific for the first time (it counts right?) Perhaps camp on
the beach, if it looks clean and inviting (and there's not too much chance of getting shot) Wake up early the next
day and catch the 23$, yes 23!!! boat to Victoria, BC, Canada.

thus ends the usa, any thoughts so far? I still have 30+ days left to cross Canada, its gonna take a while to work
out though. Bearing in mind I'm camping as much as possible, where I've put final destinations for days I am more
likely to stop outside and camp somewhere a little more remote. Or, if I'm feeling expensive find a bed and
breakfast type affair. Also where there are no specific roads It'll be freeways max as I'm only on a 250cc bike!,
smaller twisty roads are what I'm used to anyway - I go to sleep on the big roads over there, toooooooo straight.

email me at "littlejoeuk" (somewhere around) that warm mail place.com

412driver 20 Apr 2006 21:36

well if you want winding roads....travel a little south into california. at Redding take hwy 299 west. 150 miles of beautiful winding highway all the way to the coast. then you can travel the coast up thru oregon into washington state. just did it last weekend and LOVED IT!!

LittleJoe 21 Apr 2006 00:18


Originally Posted by 412driver
well if you want winding roads....travel a little south into california.

A little!?!?! Slightly off route for me, the closest i get is about 300 miles, and thats a long way to go for one road, especialy since my route continues in the opposite direction.

Any tips on roads in BC however....I was thinking of heading to Mount Currie - whats it like up that way?

412driver 21 Apr 2006 17:38

ya, i guess it's out of the way but the returns are worth it, also, remember, you will travel the coast all the way up. very nice stuff...............

as to BC, lots of nice options. as you are riding a smaller bike, there was a thread or story of someone that rode the gravel roads up harrison lake which will take you to Pemberton. very scenic. find that story!

or, take the paved road thru whistler for the "tourist" and very commercial route. also, very nice.

from pemberton i would suggest riding north to lillooet along the Duffy Lake road. rated as one of BC's best for riding. i rode it last summer (twice!!), very nice.

from lillooet you have the choice of 2 roads to continue on. both are nice. it just depends on where you want to go from there but it's a great start...............

John Ferris 22 Apr 2006 00:38

I suggest that on day 7 that you take WY-24 to Hulett, WY and stay at The Hulett Motel for your bed and shower.
The father and son are both GS riders and the son works for the park service at Devils Tower.

LittleJoe 22 Apr 2006 01:16

Thanks for the tips, I'm sure I'll check that Motel in WY. And I'll be looking up that gravel road in BC for sure!

Keep em coming guys!

412driver 22 Apr 2006 22:25

here's the story link:


well worth it!

kmet 13 Jun 2006 06:08

helena to lewiston via lolo pass is awesome but your better to keep heading north, to glacier park, head west on Hwy 2, pick up hwy 20 in Washington state. run a google search on slate peak, twisp, methow. advrider.com has some good routes here.

when on hwy 20, near concrete WA, go north to baker lake. awesome. same day trip , head west on 20, go north to mount baker via mount baker highway. 10K feet, stunning. you can take a cheap ferry to the olympic pen. to hit the Coho ( the ol' puke in roll) ferry, port angeles to victoria that you mentioned. if you like Ale's washington state is your place.

Duffy lake is a must do. BC is incredible. keep in mind labor day is the first weekend in Sept. heavy traffic, stay off the road, its nuts. camping gets cheaper after. when in BC going back hit Fernie, great cheap hotel at www.enjoyfernie.com

kmet 13 Jun 2006 06:17

holler if you want to me to tell you what the circles are, dont want to spoil it. its not far from a full size stonehenge in maryhill washington

jbelknap 10 Sep 2006 21:14

WI to WA
Maybe you've already started: Day 1: Madison to LaCrosse--get off the interstate, especially on a 250. Take the senic route-Hwy 14 to LaCrosse through the unglaciated area, good twisty roads.
Around Kennewick, more vineyards than you want to taste on a motorcycle but worth a sample. By October it'll be frosty camping and riding in the morning.
Any extra help needed in Madison, email, stop or call me.

Bill Ryder 11 Sep 2006 04:25

Mt St. helens
Be sure and ride road 99 up to windy ridge on St helens. It is about 16 miles long and has 211 turns. I was just out there to Rainier and St. helens and Mt. hood. on the way over highway 12 and lolo pass to lewiston/clarkston try the lolo motorway, a fun 75 miles of gravel. Weather is cooling off here in Helena Mt.

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