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frenchian 2 Feb 2010 23:24

Ferry Jeddah to Port Sudan - visas
Hi, we're going North-South in our Mog starting towards the end of this year.
Due to Egypt's crazy carnet requirements I'm quite keen to avoid the place. I had understood that getting a Saudi transit visa North-South to pick up the ferry in Jeddah was impossible because the Saudis never knew when/if the ferry was leaving meaning you could easily run out of visa whilst sat on the docks waiting.
Reading a few posts on here it seems to have changed - is there anyone out there with recent(ish) experience of doing this successfully.
Any pitfalls? Is the ferry safe for the vehicle - ie do you ro-ro or is the vehicle taken as cargo? What's entry into Sudan like - I've also heard that Port Sudan is not the easiest place in the world to get through?

Basically - any advice welcomed.....



silvie 17 Feb 2010 11:50

Hey there
Took this link from another post on HU. These guys are currently in Saudi and it looks like they had success with the Sudanese visa as well. We'll be leaving the UK in September past Saudi - Sudan down to South Africa.


Good luck!:funmeteryes:

frenchian 17 Feb 2010 18:37

I've been watching their progress for a while - they were stuck in Saudi waiting for the Sudan visa - now suddenly they're in Addis? Not sure what happened there - but will get in contact with them to find out.

Good luck - we'll be behind you (can't leave till October & with a Mog will be travelling SLOWLY!!!)


nicolasrapp 27 Mar 2010 22:18

Any more details on the ferry crossing? Also interested in the other direction, if someone have details.


silvie 29 Mar 2010 15:29

Hi Frenchian
I pm'ed you

Nicolasrapp - there are a few groups who have done it in the opposite direction. Take a look on The Africa Overland Network - Independent Overland Travel across Africa, Asia and World. Easier as the ability to get out of the country going North is quite simple.


vickey 1 Nov 2010 05:35

Have you managed to contact these guys to find out about the ferry? Seems it is very hard to get info on what exaclty is the story. I found this address and sent an email enquiry off to it but have not had a response.
BAABOUD TRADING & SHIPPING AGENCIESPO Box 726221462 JEDDAHTel. +966 26 421439Fax +966 26 440912e-mail: baboudshipg@naseej.com.sa
I might resort to ringing them yet!

Keen to hear what you know so far. I have had to change my route three times and do not want another change if I cant get this to work, but I dont have the time to sit in a dock waiting for a boat!

we are travelling March/April from Manchester


jmbaudry 24 Mar 2011 07:53


I intend to go to South Africa with a Mog in April 2012. Due to the mess in Egypt, I plan to go to Saoudi to take the ferry to Soudan.

Did you get any more details on the ferry crossing?
Thank you for your cooperation
Kind regards

kingkurt 15 May 2011 15:41

Hi all

We are doing this route from Saudi to Sudan in August - we3bsite here
The Africa Rally 2011 - TEAM ROADKILL - teamroadkill.co.uk

We want to take this ferry - anyone here have any more info

I found some info here
Our Shared Planet Motorcycle Adventures مـغـامــرات كـوكـبنا المـشترك للـدراجـات الآلية: The Ferry to Sudan



Boereklonk 18 May 2011 14:21

Hi Kurtis,

Unfortunately I can't give you any advise. We planned to go through Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Sudan down to SA but as everyone else now looking for other options. I havn't ruled it out completely as the hotspots/riots/ only happen in the big cities and when marches occurs. So (in theory) if you go into Syria and avoid big cities you'll be very much save... no? Same thing that happend in Eqypt the other day is only localized to a suburb in Cairo. Good luck with your decision, please keep us posted on what you did.

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