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Olof Sundstrom 24 Nov 2008 16:20

Fastest route Cape to Cairo
Anyone out there that can advice me on the fastest route going from the Cape to Cairo?

Any roads/places that I definately should not try?

How/where do I cross the Sudan-Egypt border without using the ferry?

Grateful for help,


MountainMan 24 Nov 2008 16:54

Hi Olaf,

You are going east coast by definition, the simplest way in the northern part of Africa is to follow the main highway in each country, it'll be pretty obvious on your Michelin maps.

In the southern part of Africa, that's where there are choices. Fastest is not necessarily safest, most common route from Cape Town to Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania.

Traditionally, it has only been possible to cross into Egypt by ferry, there has been some recent discussion of maybe the road border opening up again but no reports of anyone having actually made it. You should count on the ferry unless there is a dramatic change.

Olof Sundstrom 25 Nov 2008 10:23

Thank you for your advice.

Is there no possibility to go along the coast of the Red Sea from Bur Sudan in Sudan to Bir Shalatayn in Egypt? There seem to be a road there when looking at the satellite pictures.


jamieT 25 Nov 2008 12:41

Afraid not
No, is the simple answer.
A definite No to the coast route, and a pretty definite no so far to the Abu Simbel route.
We're all hoping for the AS route to open, but not holding my breath.


Olof Sundstrom 27 Nov 2008 12:34

Ferry crossing
Ok, I trust you.

Do you have (or know where I can find) any information regarding this famous ferry, how often it departures, if you need to book a seat to get on, what it costs etc? I assume they do not have a home page ;o)

Just for my curiosity, what´s the problem with the road, is it undrivable or is it just "not allowed", and is it if the latter possible to get around this somehow?

Thank you for your advice


mrg46 4 Dec 2008 04:30

Sails once a week southbound.

No website for the ferry, and usually only one person in Aswan you can book through (Mr. Sallah). You'll find his number in a thread here somewhere by searching.

Pre-booking not required for a bike, but might be required for a 4x4 at busy times (barge usually only takes 2 vehicles)

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