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muffin1 24 Aug 2009 13:39

Durban, South Africa
Hi All, i live in Durban, South Africa. anyone travelling to South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance. i own a tour operation and am familiar with all the right spots, unfortunately i will not be able to offer accommodation, but i can certainly recommend some great spots. let me know if there is anything i can do to assist you. this is not a marketing campaign, any sservices offered will be at no charge

2wheelsorhell 30 Nov 2009 22:51

6 weeks trip in Feb 2010
Hi ! That's great of you ! We (my GF and I) are currently planning a trip to Sth.Af around Feb. 2010 ; we shoot TV travel docs for french Travel Channel. Low budgets... hence our need to find tips and nice people to help. You'll get more info on our web links (blog & facebook page) - in the signature - but here a few questions to clear main points:
- Weather: Feb is right moment isn't it ?
- Bike: We had wind it's possible to rent old models, vintage BMWs. Do you know about that. Any good guy to get in touch with ? We only need the bikes, we manage the tour and everything else.
- Sth.Af is huge: we were advised to start from Cape Town. What would you recommand as reasonnable for a 5 to 6 weeks tour ? (we love driving almost daily, distances are not a problem, we're full of energy and youth...).

That's as a starting point.
LF to hear from you !

Birdy 1 Dec 2009 10:53

Hey Muffin

My ladyfriend and I will be back in SA in the new year. Our bike is still in Cape Town (hopefully on display in the Honda dealership, but we haven't checked for a while.:confused1:)

We are planning to go to Durban and check it out there, because neither of us have visited before.

We were hoping to find some work for a while, anywhere in SA, before continuing with our travels. Would you have any ideas on where best to look, for a couple of short term Pom jobs?



jwlhall 27 May 2010 16:55

Just moved to Durban and bought a DRZ400

I just moved to Umhlanga and have bought a DRZ400 to build up for riding home to the UK in a couple of years.

Can you suggest the best afternoon out, two day ride and one week ride from here?

Cheers John

muffin1 5 Oct 2010 22:25

Hi All

My apologies for not responding...i have not logged on for a while. please reply and let me know if any of u still require assistance....allways glad to help where i can.

can anyone tell me how to get reminders via e-mail when i have replies?

Haroon 17 Oct 2010 17:51

Hi Muffin1,

Thanks for the offer to assist us.

Although still in concept form- Myself & wife (riding pillion with me) would like to do a 7-day ride by ourselves in South Africa. The only time frame in a year we can do the ride is in the second half of May (How is the climate at that time? General Sunrise & Sunset times?)

-No Dirt riding/off-road
-No boring expressways (if any)
-No camping
-Obviously want to ride in the non-rainy season

-Only paved good tarmac roads.
-Prefer a loop trip (to see more places instead of ride back and also return the bike at start point)
-250-350kms daily (if thats OK)
-Its a one time ride in SA, so want to cover the essence of South Africa that include Mountain passes, coastal roads, little wildlife and limited historic attractions
-Decent/safe budget accommodations enroute with attached bath/toilet
-Rental BMW 1200GS/RT preferably from the direct source (a pure bike rental company rather than a bike tour operator)- If its worthwhile?
-Tour in the safer parts of the country (I am not paranoid- just need the right advice as far as safety requirements)

Many thanks,

martimus 18 Oct 2010 07:29

Coming to South Africa for a week tour
Hi Muffin,

I am planning a 2-up week long tour with my girlfriend around Nov 25th, starting in Johannesburg. We're in the planning stages but want to rent a bike, ride paved roads but not expressways, and get some feel for the country. One-way or a loop would work. Neither of us have been to Africa before. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated for:
- locating a rental bike
- establishing a route
- locating accomodations

Marty and Tracy from Seattle, USA

Jabez Clegg 22 Oct 2010 20:59

The man
Anybody who needs bike hire, repairs, route planning in fact anything to do with bikes needs to contact Thomas at www.motozulutours.co.za
He is based in Port shepstone 100k south of Durban.
We were based around there for 4months as part of our RTW trip last year and he was great!!!!
Although he is mostly dirt and gravel focused he can tell you how to get anywhere in RSA by sealed roads, his hire bikes are mostly XT 600,s with a couple of BM,s
I can,t recomend this guy enough
Hope this helps, Pete

Haroon 23 Oct 2010 19:37

Thats a nice suggestion Jabez Clegg.
Can you pls check if the link is spelt correctly as it is not working.
Once I have it, I can atleast make a start from here.

Thanks & ride safe

Moto Zulu 28 Nov 2010 09:37

www.motozu.lu.ms - WEB.DE MyPage or www.zulu.mx.ms - WEB.DE MyPage and www.600.xt.ms - WEB.DE MyPage

would be the homepages to get hold of me.

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