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Jammin 20 Sep 2012 10:07

Dubai to Iran
I'm looking at a possible route change for my RTW trip. I'm currently in East Africa and after a loop of Southern Africa, I'm researching how feasible it would be to go via sea from Mombasa to Dubai and then cross the Gulf to Iran.

Can someone shed some light on vehicle transport from Dubai to Iran? I'm riding a Suzuki DR650.

Lonely Planet says that the Iranian ferry company Valfajre-8 runs a passenger ferry between Dubai and Bandar-e Lengeh...


The reason for this change is that I'd like to enter India, my final destination before my current carnet expires and I'd like to enter overland from Pakistan into India. I know I can probably ship from Mombasa to Mumbai, but that's no fun :scooter:

Jammin 20 Sep 2012 11:29

I just realized I should've posted this in the Middle East section and there's an excellent thread there with up to date info on this crossing:


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