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bgreer 28 Dec 2004 20:14

Creel area roads
Am planning a trip to the Copper Canyon in April and was wondering about the road from Creel to Parral. Am planning on staying in Creel a couple of days and then head to Durango . I will be riding a cruiser to no off-road. Was wondering about the road from Creel, Cusarare, Samachic, Guachochic, Caboracic, Parral. It's highway 23, tis a dark line on my map but from previous trips it's hard to know if it's all paved. Thanks.

markwitteman 30 Dec 2004 15:26

I did the same route last october after the HU-meeting in Creel.
no worries, it is all paved from Creel to Parral.
have a good trip,

bgreer 30 Dec 2004 22:16

Thanks for the input. Always helps to hear from someone that has actually been there. Any tips you'd like to pass along? Am planning on going from Creel to Durango, then over to Maztalan. Appreciate any insight you may have.

Kurt 20 Jan 2005 06:59

The road from Creel to Parral kicks ass. One of my favorites in North America. Twisties for ever, very little traffic and good pavement. As with anywhere but especially in Mexico: Watch out for the unexpected around the next curve be it a crashed truck, stubborn burro or any number of bizzare things you wouldn't expect to be there.


Twintraveller 29 Jan 2005 06:49

Hi, did the road just today. It is the best paved road I have seen in northern Mex till u hit the 24 coming from Parral, which has some bad parts, but easy to go around. In Creel, 20 km after Creel is a Pemex Gas, 160 km after Creel in Guachochic as well and in B. as well, so easy going. At junction 23 and 24 is a military checkpoint. No big deal. It takes about 5 hours pure riding time for the 370 km. In Parral u can stay in Hotel Fuentes, opp. the Cathedral. It has safe parking in the back, rooms are about 170 to 200 pesos. Have fun.

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