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sjbuckle83 28 Sep 2011 17:27

Cost of RTW rtip

Not sure if this really fits into this category or not...

I'm 28, single and bored!!! I've watched the Mondo Enduro DVD and read the book countless times and have reached the point where I feel I've just got to get on and do it.

I'm thinking of following the Mondo Enduro route so would be looking at 40k miles and away from home for approx 1 year. How much do some of you more experienced travellers think I'd need to complete this kind of trip? I'll be camping whenever I can and generally looking to keep things as cheap as possible.


John Downs 28 Sep 2011 18:49

As far as costs go, there are too many variables to offer a simple answer. Not many people keep track or report back on how much an around the world trip costs. It all depends on so many things. Your main expenses are food, lodging, gas, repairs, visas, and shipping costs. These vary greatly depending on the countries you visit, your social skills and networking abilities to find low or no cost accommodation, the type of bike you choose and how fuel efficient it is, how much you like alcoholic beverages, your tolerance for low cost eating strategies, etc. etc.

If you are new to this I would suggest taking some shorter trips to see if you can keep your costs down. Traveling on a tight budget is a fun challenge.


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As far as traveling companions, one method is to just head out and meet people in low cost hostels or down the road that are traveling in the same direction. Depending on your social skills, it is far easier to meet like minded motorcycle traveling companions out on the road heading your way than finding someone at home. The advantage with this method is that if your travel plans diverge, no problem finding someone else. Whether it is a nice lady who wants to ride on the back your bike, or a fellow motorcyclist to ride along with for a while, there are plenty of people out on the budget travel circuit.

Hopefully you will be a world traveler soon!

Best luck,
John Downs

sjbuckle83 28 Sep 2011 20:12

Thanks John, that's really helpful. I've done a few 2 week euro trips but never more than a "holiday"

So far I've got approx 10k saved and I can rent my house out so that will take care of itself while I'm gone. I think the issue is more about me adjusting my state of mind to be prepared to have absolutely no idea what's happening next week/month etc!! And not trying to plan every last detail.

John Downs 28 Sep 2011 20:28

There is absolutely nothing wrong with overplanning and dreaming about an upcoming adventure. It is an obsession that most on this board hold near and dear. Of course plans change once you hit the road, but so what? Dreaming about upcoming adventures is half the fun.

10K pounds is enough money to head out and see a lot. You may not make it all the way around the world. But who cares. You sound like a young adventurous sort. There is never a better time to hit the road than when you have a good bike, some money, the desire and the time. Your options will narrow as you enter your middle years with career and family.

I say get out and see what you can now while you have the opportunity and the desire. When money runs low, you can head back to the UK and earn more to continue on. Or find work along the way. Many have done it before you.

If you knew what the future holds, what would the fun be!

John Downs

fraser2312 28 Sep 2011 20:52

Right with ya

Originally Posted by sjbuckle83 (Post 350536)

Also, most my friends are either not interested in bikes, getting married or having children (or all three!) so if anyone is up for coming along then I'd be interested in having a chat! I think I'd rather travel with someone than go it alone.


Steve, in a very similar situation to yourself my mates ain't into bikes etc and would would love to come along but probably couldn't do for a couple of years; cash/decent bike etc. :scooter:

sjbuckle83 28 Sep 2011 22:33

Hey framkay, nice to hear there are other people in the same situation as me! I'm not sure when I'll be going. Whereabouts in the UK do you live?

charapashanperu 29 Sep 2011 00:09

Network, network, network!
Like the others said: It all depends on your social skills. If you do things right, every one you meet in this RTW group will lend you all their contacts around the world.

Take a year of preparations and enjoy it! Really, it's half the fun! During that time make the contacts and network. As far as costs, that depends on you. A 650cc will suck 50% more fuel.

If you REALLY want an adventure where you are "one with the folks and the land you are passing thru, do it on a 250cc and take only a few tools, two changes of clothes and the gear on your back! Don't camp. Don't cook. Meet people, stay in people's homes or little hostels, eat with people and/or on the street. If you stay away from big cities, you will save $$, people will be more friendly and honest. Most people's of the world will joyfully host you at no cost just because that is what they do in their culture (tho they may accept a gift).

DANGER!! This will mean that you REALLY experience the cultures.. which means you will end up eating things you never dreamed of and maybe have a few daughters attempted to be pawned off on you! I just cannot understand riders who carry their whole anticeptic culture with them and then say that they have traveled these countries! Yes, they have "moved thru them", but that is all!

Cheers! Toby :mchappy::mchappy::mchappy:

farqhuar 29 Sep 2011 03:57


Originally Posted by sjbuckle83 (Post 350555)
Thanks John, that's really helpful. I've done a few 2 week euro trips but never more than a "holiday"

So far I've got approx 10k saved and I can rent my house out so that will take care of itself while I'm gone.

10k pounds may get you round the world but I'd budget double that for 12 months on the road.

fraser2312 29 Sep 2011 17:39


Originally Posted by sjbuckle83 (Post 350572)
Hey framkay, nice to hear there are other people in the same situation as me! I'm not sure when I'll be going. Whereabouts in the UK do you live?

I stay in Larbert, Central Scotland. What about yourself?

gixxer.rob 29 Sep 2011 23:43

Mix it up
Mix it up. Camp, accept an offer for a couch stay in a motel. If you get in the groove of doing one thing it's great for a while but then can become the aspect of the trip that drives you crazy.

Also don't get sucked in by what others have say is the "real experience" and how they do their trips. Everybody is different.

Its going to be a blast no matter how you do it ! :thumbup1:

henryuk 30 Sep 2011 09:37

I'd say 10k is probably enough - just try and avoid hotels like the plague, and spend as little as possible on the bike (without getting a complete lemon, obviously!)

My next big trip is for 4 years and I will have about 40k once I've sold my house - the tricky bit is to keep reminding yourself that you have to live within very meagre means when you have a healthy balance at the start - no hotels!!

As for not knowing what will happen at the end of the day - thats the best bit!

ta-rider 30 Sep 2011 18:39


As for africa i can say its easy to calculate: The Visa will costs about $100 per country (Ägypt including arabic numberplates more then 300 euro...malawi, namibia and southafrica free).

Petrol/diesel will be round 1 Euro per Liter (0,30 in Sudan and 1,60 in Mauretania) so just calculate the usage of your vehicle per day depending on how fast you travel.

Food is dead cheap so no need to calculate.

Transafrika - Riding on a motorbike through africa part 1

A rtw trip will be more expensive because of shiping and flights.

Travel save, Tobi

sjbuckle83 1 Oct 2011 07:48


Originally Posted by framkay (Post 350657)
I stay in Larbert, Central Scotland. What about yourself?

I'm in ipswich, suffolk, probably couldn't be much further away!!

sjbuckle83 1 Oct 2011 07:53

And thanks to everyone else for sharing their thoughts with me. I need to make a few decisions really, maybe something like anchorage to tierra del fuego would be a more sensible trip to start with, could always do more further down the line...

XC rider 1 Oct 2011 15:42

Great idea for a thread (whether or not this question has been asked before). I've been entertaining the very same idea for many years now, and am seriously considering it at the moment for a possible departure date some time end of spring/begining of summer next year. Gotta to get a lot of things lined up first though, so it's still just a very tentative maybe right now.

I appreciate all the info, advice, and opinions that others have posted so far and will keep an eye on this thread.

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