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bicyclekid 8 Nov 2005 09:33

central america border info.. help ...
ok looks like i going to travel through central america.. by moto .. im a usa citizen and was wondering what i need to do to get in and out of all the countries .. i know i need to do the banjercito / and insurance thing in mexico but what about belize , guatamala , elsalvador , nicuragua , panama ,hondorus etc ..is it easier to cross from certain countries ????.. my bike has a usa plate ....

Grant Johnson 8 Nov 2005 14:33

Click the link on the left "Border Crossing" and have a read, also on the right hand side of that page is lots of CA detailed info.

They're all easy, they lead you through as needed. They can be frustrating and take a long time, so just relax, don't be in a hurry, and it's no problem.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

markwitteman 8 Nov 2005 15:10

take fotocopies or your licence, title and registration.
arrive at the border in the morning and allow yourself a whole day for the bordercrossing.
If it goes any faster than that you have just gained an extra day of travelling.
the fastest was Mexico-Guatemala( 20 minutes)
and the worst El Salvador-Honduras(4 1/2 hours).
you can use 'go-betweens' called tramitadores for a few bucks, but it isn't really necessary.
have a good trip,

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