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trand 10 Apr 2005 02:54

Hi all.. no doubt Grant will put me in the right spot??Question 1 can i ride to Cambodia from Europe and get through wiv no carnet??plan to do a year volentry work out there but want to take my bike with me ...Q2 if not.. do any one know a good shipping agent to get bike out to Thia?? then i'll ride to Cambodia ... any imfo..regarding do's don'ts grately appreciated... Safe riding Trand

mmaarten 11 Apr 2005 02:59

Hi Trand,

Sorry, you can,t ride from europe to Cambodia with or without carnet.
First: You need a carnet to pass Iran, Pakistan and India.
Then you need to ship to Thailand, you can,t cross Myanmar (unless something changed the last few month,s).
For Thailand and Cambodia you do NOT need a carnet.


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