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BikeParters 1 Dec 2012 06:22

Biking the African West Coast
My partner and I want to bike the west coast of Africa. Most information we are finding is a bit dated (2009-2011). Can anyone give us some update information on the best west coast route, visa information, countries to avoid, etc.
I know its broad but we are just starting our research. We are planning on leaving in February 2013.

shan fr 1 Dec 2012 13:18

Have a look at this Blog of Tommy's
he is just finishing the west route

Round the World Dream | Tommy's Motorcycle Adventures

So info and prices up to date

Cam Johnson 1 Dec 2012 14:08

Also what do you define as 'best'?

Arch 3 Dec 2012 23:56

Visas on the go for Africa west coast route
Hi, I am after some similar information so if its ok I might jump on this thread!

I am driving from scotland to Cape town next year, but now starting to think I might as well ride back up the west coast route back home.

Is there any part of the west coast route that requires me to have the visa application done in the UK (and is unavoidable on the route)?

Basically can I leave the decision of driving back up the west coast to when I am in Africa?

many thanks


MountainMan 4 Dec 2012 00:44

Arch, you'll want to research and follow the latest on the visa issues for Angola and the DRC to name a couple. Basically, some countries has changed their rules to require or very strongly prefer visas to be issued in a travellers home country, which is of course an issue for overlanders and people on the road for a while. Some workarounds come and go, but if you get caught up in it, it can mean a long wait and you can avoid the uncertainty by shipping your passport back home if there is a country, such as SA, where you'll be hanging out for a bit.

Arch 4 Dec 2012 23:29

Thanks for the reply.

I am happy to send my Visa back home and sit the wait out.

My real issue is, i just want to make sure I dont have to get any visas in person at the UK embassy for any of the countries...as flying back would kill my budget and mean i couldnt do the trip back.

I was looking at getting the DRC visa before i left, but i cant seem to find out how long i have till i have to use it. I most likely wouldn't be entering the DRC for at least 6 months of leaving the UK, so was wondering if there is any point in me getting it now?

ozranger 15 Dec 2012 21:02

i picked up drc visa in gabon which was incredible easy. that was earlier this year. almost too easy like something wasn't right but everything was fine. nigeria can be a challenge i got that in ghana but needed an invitation letter. angola are just bastards. i flew my bike from kin to lumbumbashi because i couldn't get anyone to give me a visa. i hear now that angola visa in ghana could be a possibility. hope that helps at least one of you:thumbup1:

this was ealier this year

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