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unionroofer 28 May 2009 05:42

Advice on Italy trip
Considering a trip to Italy. Can anyone give me an idea of must see and routes to take. Anything helpful would be greatly appreciated.

dnicoletti 30 May 2009 16:17

Hi there,
so, we have a lot of thinghs and places to see here. it depend how many time you have to spend, your landing and leaving place. anyway most interesting places where to ride a bike in italy are the Alpi's range (from france to austrian border) the Appennini (wich is as a long backbone mountain range from north to south (highways are boring and expensive sometimes) the coastal route from naples till reggio di calabria and sicily so on. sardinia also have rough landscapes and remote history heritage. main cities like as usual florence, venice, Verona, Rome, but you can stumblin' in small villages along the way with quiet life, nice views and intresting and historic architecture (if you are intrested on it). accomodation may be a little bit expensive in main places and famous and hype-touristic cities. also camping in italy isn't ever cheap.
anyway if you need further info, send me a mail; i'll be glad to help you.
see ya.


unionroofer 31 May 2009 23:30

I only have a couple or weeks. I've thought about flying into Palermo, Sicily because it is a port town and I think I can have my bike shipped there. And just traveling North from there. Maybe ending my tour in Venice and flying out from there. You say it's pretty expensive? Do you have any helpful tips for me? Thanks, Ron

jopos 1 Jun 2009 10:00

Hi there,

If you would like info about Nort Italy check out my website: Life Is Joy - Home.
You find a lot of movies and info about i.e. the Dolomites.

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