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Delibes 24 Jun 2012 08:43

This European Life - An Open Travelogue
Hello everyone,
My name is Miguel, I am 23 years old, a citizen of Spain and I will soon be starting a solo expedition from the United States to the southernmost tip of Argentina. I am a Mercedes gearhead, and for this expedition –being on a tight budget- I have bought is a 1981 Mercedes W123 300TD, which I will soon start modifying as a living cell for my travels.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of this community of offroaders and adventurers –yes, there is a grassroots National Geographic feel to it-, and I hope to meet many of you wherever my wheels take me!

Delibes 10 Jul 2012 19:47

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. In this installment of my travelogue, the King of Spain writes me a letter to wish me luck!

This European Life: Royal Blessings


On a side note, the second installment of my online car series is up!

Delibes 16 Jul 2012 22:52

Now, on this week's installment of my blog, I get two more replies from the offices of two very inspirational figures, Ewan McGregor and from Peter Jackson!

This European Life: From both sides of the World

Delibes 2 Aug 2012 04:57

This week, my adventures as an occasional car transporter, the beginning of the trip preparations, and the MONUMENTAL disapproval by my beloved family. Read on!

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: The Silence before the Storm


sparco 2 Aug 2012 14:00

ah family disapproval, the story of many of us ;) keep on with the plans dont look back or listen to anybody !! im following

pete3 2 Aug 2012 20:12

We must have the same mother ... :( ... just keep on living the dream! :clap:

Delibes 9 Aug 2012 16:49

Thanks for all the support; it's always tough to confront someone who is so dear in your own life about your own life decisions. I REGRET NOTHING!

In this new installment we have maps, a shakedown trip, and a world-wide GPS.



Delibes 13 Aug 2012 19:57

What I wanted to write as a silly Facebook status update turned into a full-blown blog post. Departing from the usual PanAmerican preparations, I would like to share an incredibly revelatory dream I had last night... and yes, there's a G-Wagen.

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: Expeditioner's Dream


Delibes 16 Aug 2012 03:49

Keeping good health is one of the most important parts of any long journey. In this post I discuss three health-related preparations.

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: Healthy as a Horse


Delibes 19 Aug 2012 17:11

Here's a thread that many of you will enjoy: THE BUILD POST. I have been saving a few pictures from the (rushed) construction of the expedition vehicle and have ordered them all together in this one blog post... Enjoy!



Delibes 22 Aug 2012 18:38

The Mercedes has been fantastic for these last thousand miles. I am currently writing from San Luis Potosí in Mexico, and here's everything that has happened so far!

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: And I Will Drive One Thousand Miles


If you want to see ALL the pictures other than the ones on the blog, scroll to the bottom of the post to gain access to the exclusive online album!

monsieur 22 Aug 2012 18:45

Keep it coming!

pete3 25 Aug 2012 13:03

Great to see you on the road now!

I hope you don´t have a ventilation problem with your wagon when sleeping ....

Have a safe trip.

Delibes 26 Aug 2012 22:43

Thank you to you two, Pete3 and Monsieur! The wagon is going great, and so far ventilation is more than sufficient. In Monterrey is was pretty bad, so I just cracked open the sunroof. The nights can be cool, sometimes chilly to the point in which I need my sleeping bag.

On today's post, I detail the journey from San Miguel Potosí towards León, Guanajuato, San Miguel Allende and Morelia. Unbelievable architecture, rich gringos and chaotic traffic are all part of this exciting blog post!

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: Spanish Colonial Galore


Delibes 29 Aug 2012 20:37

New post! My adventures chasing my grandfather's legacy in Mexico city, as well as my re-acquaintance with an old friend and a special on Frida Kahlo!

THIS EUROPEAN LIFE: Three Names in Mexico DF


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