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mindfuel 5 Sep 2010 07:01

South India - hi to HUBB
dear HU crowd

after a one-year journey 2003/2004 through the americas and africa and a short trip to mongolia in 2008, my wife and I are on the loose again. is there any more to say? yes, i'm an admitted motorcycle traveller, currently curving around in south india.

we bought two of the famous indian royal enfields. the models bold name "bullet" doesn't really represent their attitude. with its 17hp or somewhat, they doesn't exactly offer what i'm used to as a ktm driver. well, at least it's a comfortable glider and the consumption is excellent low (less then a gallon for 100 miles).

here are some pics, hopefully lets you dream of the free world if you're locked behind a desk at the moment:

The black Royal Enfields Bullet Electra Twin Spark...

...and here the silver one

10 miles as the crow flies, 30 miles on the road... that's a promise!

The Ghats: hairpin bends from 600 to 8000 ft

last clouds of the rainy season

rice plants in the low lands

share the streets with animals

the western Ghats: challenges with the alpes

You find more pics from india on our private travel page:
� India Reiseberichte theroad.ch
� India Reiseberichte theroad.ch

Also there gps tracks, coordinates, more about the motorcycles and diary entries.

After leaving india we will head further east to singapore where we eventually pick up our ktm 530 exc to waste some more of our time in asia.
i will post some more pics in a couple of weeks.

Keep out of trouble and stay save,
phil aka mindfuel

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