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FUTURE 23 Apr 2010 08:57

Roaming Vietnam.... A sneek peek
Just back from 2 weeks in Vietnam.

Here are some of the 1600 photos Jan and I took in Vietnam.

This is just a sneek peek... Not in trip order.

Military guide at a place i could not get into. He did at least let me take his picture. Taken in Hanoi.


At the end of our first ride. My dream has come true. Taken in Sapa.


The Vietnamese form of Ute. Yes there are 4 ceramic urns on the back. Taken on the way to Cuc Phoung.


Cuc Phoung National Park. Me with the 1000 year old tree.


Ho Long Bay.


On the way back to Hanoi. The loads there scooters can carry is amazing.


Me with tail section of a B52. Hanoi.


Sapa. "You buy from me...." One of the many tribal people that hunt down westerners to sell us stuff.


Sapa. How we saw the mountains most of the time.


First bike we rode 2 up in Vietnam. A Honda 110. On our ride out of Sapa.


High up above Sapa. Sapa is down in that mist.


Farming in Sapa.


Second bike we rode in Vietnam. A Yamaha YBR 125. Yes we rode it 2 up. Our butts are still sore from that seat. On the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Cuc Phoung.


One of the many faces of Vietnam. Taken in Hanoi.


Report will be on my blog in the next week or so.

chiromal 25 Apr 2010 18:27

questions about big bikes in Vietnam
Hi. I just saw your cool pictures of the Vietnam trip. Four of us are doing a ride up Africa from Cape Town, then east, ending up in Singapore in early 2012. We plan to be on KLR 650's, but I have heard that they don't allow bikes bigger than 125's into Vietnam. Do you know anything about that? Did you bring in your own bikes or did you hire bikes? If not, we will content ourselves with touring Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Where did you start your journey?

chiromal 25 Apr 2010 18:50

Just read your blog
Hi Ross
I just saw your blog address after I posted my question, so it may be a bit redundant. However, I'd still like to know if you know whether bigger bikes are allowed into Vietnam. I'm glad you got to fulfill your dream, and have such a wonderful adventure. What is next on the list?! We're in Cape Town-maybe an Africa trip!!:mchappy:

racer196 25 Apr 2010 21:25

Big bikes in @nam
I work with a Vietnamese in Belgium, and he says nothing over 125 in 'Nam, Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand. But, I'd check with the embassies first... If you get to ;nam, visit Cu Chi...I was there in 68-69,

FUTURE 25 Apr 2010 23:43

We hired the bikes.

As far as I know you cannot bring big bikes into Vietnam. Having said that the Hanoi Big Bike Club riders own Golgwings, Harleys, B-Kings. We saw these with our own eyes.

For them to import these bikes they pay the full price then that price again in import tax to their government.

chiromal 26 Apr 2010 08:15

big bikes in 'nam, laos, cambodia
Thanks Racer 196 and Future. There's quite a lot to planning a trip, and getting the correct information. Going east from India or Nepal via Myanmar seems a no go, so one has to ship or fly a bike over to the east. One must make sure the homework is done correctly, so you don't ship it and discover you can't ride it once you get there. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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