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Heliolost 21 Oct 2012 06:26

How I started my ride...
So picture this, you have been riding all day and things seem perfect. Well as perfect as it can be riding in the dark down a canyon with strong winds. Then out of the blue your engine dies and leaves you stranded. In the dark. In between cities. Deep in the desert. On the Mexican boarder. And you can't stop smiling.

Hello I'm Tadd Noble and I have been riding a klr 650 for a week on a trip to South America, and it could all end tomorrow. I decide to take this trip last year when in passing a friend of mine said he wanted to see Patagonia, after that I was hooked.

I started riding to California a week ago staying with family and friends and riding highway one. To say I was having fun would be an understatement but I had my doubts about being alone on this trip. Each morning I would question if I was there because I told people I was going or if I wanted to be there. I'm not sure if anyone else felt that way but I did. I found out in that moment when my engine died and I knew things were about to become complicated that I wanted to be here. I don't know what is wrong with my bike and what will happen tomorrow but I know that I'm dying to see the other side of the border. I will let you know how it turns out.

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