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zixxernine 15 Mar 2012 23:13

Europe - wandering on a zx9r
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India looks great, but funds should go further without the cost of hiring a bike.

The Plan - HAHA (the what?)

Go to Europe (and Maroc), we will wander, its what we do ;-)

Some pics of the trip, hope you likey

Zixxer & Super George beer

zixxernine 3 Apr 2012 19:47

Day 1 - Guernsey
30th March 2012
Via Gatwick, arrival into Guernsey was sunny & calm, the Island was a little greener than I remember, despite the shroud of hanging late afternoon mist. Joing the bike and some of the kit, we could finally complete the pre-departure prep and packing (is there enough luggage capacity, 'did you bring the stove Bikey George?'). The trip was finally ON, whatever that might bring, I am not really sure. Good things and I guess some less good things, some interesting things and the journey. Yes, that is all I really expect is a (decent) journey. Family have waived us off (well not George, he has been lazing with his feet up, garaged) oh poor thing ......) and wishes of a 'safe trip, be careful'. Maybe they realise (or not) that I don't really have a clue - haha. It will all work out - these things do.
With much anticipation it was great to be rejoined to (haha with?) the bike, tho it was immediately obvious that the toll of 10 weeks 'neglect' to Bikey George had taken full effect. He was unwilling to play ball. The click, click, then silence suggested a flat battery. Despite my recent increasing optimism that it would start, it was as feared. "Come on Bikey George" we have to go to France, you like France and then into Spain and on to Morocco and oh never mind, you'll love it.
I learned today motorcycles with a dead battery will not start from cold, BUT they will try and kill you as you repeatedly push them up-hill. It was approaching 7 in the evening, so no chance to fix this tonight. Bearing in mind the trip ahead, I am leaning towards a new 'un despite the obvious cost and environmental difference. We will see. Right lad, set the alarm early (ouch that will hurt) we have jobs to do tomorrow!

Day 2 - Guernsey
31st March
35 quid later, we have a functioning super-sports-tourer with the new battery installed George runs smooth and fast. Its nice to be back on board the old bus. He should be ready for the trip as a complete service including the valve check has already been done, some petrol and he should be fit.
The last minute essentials have been acquired today, though the budget is further raped (amongst other things stoopid razor blades, no wonder Tiger Woods is minted). Checklist is checked - although we still have far too much stuff, I have tried to limit it to just the essentials. My essentials include a smallish mouthwash, laptop, vitamins for example. I could live without them, but should have room and I am not a monk. I must locate said monk to determine the essential essentials...
A practice pack reveals that, yes I have too much stuff. Some warmer clothing will be sent back home (hopefully without too much regret). Doh, the post office is closed - so no packing these bits today, hang on, a hotel being refurbed, thanks skip-man - I will borrow this cardboard box and cut it smaller to fit - job done, ready to post first thing Monday.
Have stove, will cook. We (I and Bikey George) are not the typical all kit no idea type of fellows, so we'll have tea (or dinner as if your posh) in the trangier on the beach. Well, suffice to say I forgot the matches because I met Chelsea. Who was keen to meet 2 handsome fellows (and acquire a lift home). Poor Chelsea never got to sample Bikey George, I must be on my period. I guess a girl that constantly hic-cups can only have limited attraction or were getting fussy George :)
Quick run to Cobo with the Trangier. Balls, forgot the bread. With more fuel the lamb casserole would have been hot, with less breeze the sand would have remained on the beach, but with my own hot food washed down with cold orangeboom lager and a setting sun on the beach this was enough, perfect. I feel relaxed.
Cool, txt reply from Mo-bhai, catch up and drink in town is sorted. Trey cool to catch up, nice girl, all is okies so I am happy about that. Sometimes in life tragic times happen and you just try and have to muddle through, Mo-bhai and I share this, I feel an affinity that will last eternal.
I called into a pal on the way home, good company and chit chat. Thank you for the wine Karl, merci bookoo. We all agree travel is good for you, I guess I must be in the place. Sweet, good times.
Breakfast finishes at half nine in the am, ffs another early morning (dont you people realise I am on vacation?). But no jobs tomorrow, lazy day and then an evening beer with a mate - good times.

Day 3 - Guernsey
1st April
Lazed around to work on hangover. Resolve to give up drink.
The new panniers fit nicely with a few of the straps binned, I must make sure they ride quite high or else the exhast will badly abuse them given half the chance. Downside is the rear pack cannot be velcroed to to the seat (which was quick and easy) so we will have bungee the bugger on, which is not progress. It looks pretty tidy anyway and should work fine.
Met up with me olde mucker Pete for a few sherbets, nice to catch up and I always have some craic with him. Mo-bhoi was also out and about so and so we have a good laugh. China Red in St Peter Port provided a truly excellent supper, chicken black bean sauce & bbq wings washed down with chablis and more beers, the budget is creaking and probably broken for good! Things will definately cost more than the rough jotting, how much more we have to see. No provision for contingency funds either so we might have to sing for supper, we might get hungry.

zixxernine 7 Apr 2012 17:29

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stoopid snow (when it slowed a little\0

zixxernine 17 Apr 2012 20:29

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hi George,

whattya doin ?

zixxernine 17 Apr 2012 20:33

if Carlsberg made motorcycles they would make a Kawasaki Ninja zx9r

respect Big G,


duive01 18 Apr 2012 19:03

Looking nice there on the other side of the pond! Have a good journey!

zixxernine 22 Apr 2012 07:21

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desert wandering

zixxernine 22 Apr 2012 07:59

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sweet road

zixxernine 27 Apr 2012 11:09

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no moustache and the gang collectively fell in love, it was quite entoxicating and an excellent night

zixxernine 27 Apr 2012 11:15

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My Roomie John snagged this one, he thought it was funny, some talent for the ladies

The owner of this equipment was reportedly 'tapped up' when he wandered in these shorts, I never did find out what that meant, answers on a postcard you might win a prize

zixxernine 27 Apr 2012 18:10

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zixxernine 27 Apr 2012 18:16

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zixxernine 27 Apr 2012 18:18

George chilling above over the drop below

zixxernine 28 Apr 2012 23:33

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you always take the weather with you, everywhere you go, you always take the.... never mind.

Some clouds, which turned into proper weather.

George was chillaxed (haha who came up with that one) I less so.

zixxernine 4 May 2012 08:48

col d aubisque
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