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Old 17 Dec 2011
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Talking One of the raddest roads I have ridden

DAY 42-
All day long I just rode and laughed all the way through the twisties and small villages.. This is living, at its finest…
I woke up this morning in Quetzaltenango walked around for awhile it was very cold all night lots of blankets, I could see my breath this morning. I have been sleeping just in shorts and no sheets for over a month, this is a drastic change. I found a nice small café for coffee this morning and then roamed around looking for a bookstore. I found a nice place which luckly had the A VERY IMPORTANT BOOK THAT I DID NOT THINK TO BRING!!! English to spanish Voccab. Dictionary/ phrase book. OOOOOPS.. I wasn’t feel all that great all night so I grabbed two yogurt drinks for Breakfast and loaded up the bike.
I think Guatemala translates to “Fletcher you’re going to get lost A LOT!!” Haha It took me a lot of wrong way on one way streets, illegal U turns, and a little sidewalk usage to finally get out of the city and get on my way. “Lets make sure I am going the right way” Stopped at a gas station.. yup that’s a negative turn around try again. Finally after a few circles I am on the right road heading in the direction I want to be. The road is a freeway 4 lanes we are moving along zigging and zagging through cars and taking nice smooth turns on a nice smooth road. It was a lot quicker than I had expected to my turn off toward a senic detour that looked nice in my book. I headed down toward Lago de Atitlan a beuatiful lake surrounded by Volcanos. I passed through the lake town of Panajachel, the road started to climb with very twisty switch backs everywhere. The road was like glass extra smooth and no traffic. I was ripping through the turns and all of a sudden the road started to get gnarlier, crazy U turn switch backs that had a steep incline ramp in the middle of the turns, road was rough and then turned into Motorcycle eating Potholes you had to swerve. The road went from a nice 2 lane mountain road to gnarly single lane toa 1.5 lane road. I came up to a detour the road had fallen into the river below, so you had to jump onto the dirt, then all of a sudden around a turn the road dropped down and vanished into the river. I stopped checked out how deep it was, watched a truck go through and then gave her a little throttle and made it through without a swim. The road just danced through the mountains/ volcanos, hands down the raddest road I have ever Ridden, so much fun I was just laughing the whole time from the twistiest to just the incredible views. All along the road today kids would either just sit there waving or run with you laughing and waving at you.
I wasn’t sure my sweet detour would actually work and get me to Antigua, but all of a sudden I was 60km from it and was home free. I blasted through the next big city took my turn and raced through the forrest, I pooped out at a T and kept heading south, stopped for lunch and made sure I was going the right way. Nope past the turn off about 15km ago, haha well lunch was at least really good and a nice break. I finally made it to Antigua.
I raced around town for almost an hour looking for a cheap hostal with safe parking, nope no luck. A guy who was handing out flyers for a Hostel pointed me in the direction, I checked it out but wasn’t a fan of it. There was another one next to it and I liked it a lot more, they didn’t have parking but said I could just park it in the bar. I met a couple who was from Holland and traveling the coast from Mexico on little 50cc Mopeds, with a homemade surfboard rack rigged to one of the them. I parked my bike, dropped all of my gear and took a much needed shower and a walk. Grabbed a little dinner and a and I am now just relaxing in Antigua Guatemala who would of ever guessed…. hahaha







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Old 17 Dec 2011
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Antigua is rad, but ready to keep riding..

Antigua is rad, a little touristy for my style. I am ready to get back to the coast, I will be heading down toward Sipacate tomorrow. From there I think I will stay with the coast into El Salvidor, if I love it I will stay for awhile if not head toward my friends place in Nicaragua. Anywhere rad I should stop and check out before leaving Guatemala? Any must before Nicaragua? Fletch

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Old 18 Dec 2011
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Walking around antigua

DAY 43-
Woke up this morning, went and sat down to have my free breakfast, thinking it was going to be a cruddy Contenital breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, Pancakes, Fruit, Orange juice, and Coffee, it was Delicous. I went for a walk through town just randomly getting lost and taking it all in, found a yamaha dealer and grabbed an extra quart of oil.. you never know. I messed around on the computer for a little while, then headed out to find this Café a friend suggested and get lunch. I stopped to check out some shoes, my skate shoes now suck and are giving me blisters. Found some sweet high top style ones green and yellow which are only 35 bucks think I will grab them tomorrow before leaving, and give mine away.
I found the café spot and ordered the lunch special, soup and sandwich for $4. It was delicous, I hung out there for another 20 minutes before walking home. I was 5 blocks away from my hostel and only 3 minutes away from the café when it hit me. BAM! A war broke out in my stomach, uh oh….. “am I going to make it to my hostel?”. “Okay don’t think about it hurry hurry, walk faster but not to fast to upset it anymore.” “Oh crap, did I walk right by my street?” Yup of course. “Okay time to hurry, turn the corner, okay okay I see it. Should I run? Nono it will make it worse, okay I am within a hundred feet can’t take it anymore run!!!!!” Flew through the doors, workers stared at me as I ran through the common area and disapeared into the Bathroom… Oh that could have been all bad, not feeling great now. I took an hour nap and woke up feeling good. I was actually Hungry. I walked around town and got lost in the market such a cool cool place, ended up at the square eating amazing Chicken sandwiches and Tamales, so so so good. I walked around and went back to the café and drank a few s and watched a salsa performance with a few new friends from the hostel. Then we all walked back to the hostel. Been very tired the last 4 days.. good night sleep should do the trick… I liked Antigua, but a little toursty for me and I am ready to get back on my bike.









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Old 23 Dec 2011
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Catch the past few days

Had a nice breakfast, skyped for a long time with family, and then packed up the bike, I checked out around noon and headed south. The Road was nice and took me a lot faster than I had planned. I was excited because I didn’t get lost at all, was way too easy. I had heard of a surf lodge down here that you either took a sandy road to or a boat. As I got down to the coast I couldn’t find any signs or markers telling me which way to go. I took a guess headed toward the coast and then started riding a gnarly sandy road out toward the point. One side was the Pacific the other was Salt fields. There were tons of the shallow beds of water everywhere, I watched them work them. They would push all of the water to the corner drain and what was left was a pile of salt which would then be scooped into a bucket.
I rode the road as far as I could until it dead ended into salt fields, it was super sandy on the sides but for the most part if I could stay on the thin center strip of grass it was pretty sturdy. I saw a local and with my very bad Spanish he pointed me toward the lodge, but there was no road just beach. I thought about trying to go for it, gave it throttle and started to sink right as I got off the road. (Too much weight and balding tires) Two guys working came over and pushed me around a structure till I made it back to the road. I drove up to a place where I could pull off the vacant road. I then started to walk down the beach toward the lodge to figure out how I could get there. I didn’t have a good feeling about leaving the bike not locked up so I turned back to lock it up. I locked my back tire and helmet to the center stand. I was dieing in the sun, finally getting there.. Nope the local was wrong not the surf lodge just an expensive resort. I grabbed a Gatorade and headed back. All the way back was worried that someone might have randomly come down the road and took my bike by truck. I started to walk a little faster, after wasting an hour to find out that it wasn’t the lodge I was looking forward to seeing my bike. As I was getting closer I swear I heard a whistle, not someone singing, but more of an alert. Being paranoid I started to walk a lot faster. I was relieved once I saw that the bike was still there, although as I got closer I realized my helmet was not how I left it. Then I also realized my tank bag was open and hanging off the bike only clipped in by one out of the four clips. I don’t know why they didn’t take it all the way off, I don’t think I scared them off I hadn’t seen anyone in a while. Nothing was missing, but there was nothing valuable in it, just guide book, map, tools, spare levers, bear spray, clear Oakley glasses. They could have stolen all of my bags, duffle, backpack, and tank bag. Weird, but I got over it and started heading back to town, looked and looked for a place to stay. Nothing, finally I found a spot but he wanted 35 bucks, so he helped me out and showed me his friends place but no safe parking. I said thanks but headed out of town, it was getting dark quickly I only had 20 minutes before dark. I made the call and decided to be safe than sorry and headed back for the room. No dinner just popcorn and water, too tired to go into town. I realized how awful I am at Spanish and I think I will head back to Antigua and do 5 days of intense Spanish classes, 4 hours a day. I will decided tomorrow.. but I need to be able to at least converse a little. It is the cheapest in Central America; Antigua would be a nice spot to meet some people, cheap hostels, safe parking, and cheap food.

DAY 45-
Woke up this morning, yup that’s what I have to do learn Spanish. Loaded up my bike and made it back to Antigua in 1.5hrs, pulled in around 9:30, very smooth and fast trip. I started doing circles looking for a different hostel and who do I see walking down the road, my friend Clay who is also riding a KLR650 down to Argentina. I met him in Puerto Escondido, we started to talk and changing stories and then decided to meet up later for / dinner. I decided to head back to my original Hostel because it has a great place to study and huge breakfast. I checked in and headed down the street to figure out my Spanish school. I walked in to find out prices, I had heard up to $140. He told me $120 for 5 days 4 hours a day, without me bargaining he dropped the prices down to $105 for morning classes and $80 for afternoon, sounds great afternoon please. It breaks down to 4 bucks an hour, but has been warned that it will be 4-6hrs a day of homework which I will be serious about.
So quick story that for some reason I didn’t write about, riding from Puerto Escondido to the Guatemala Border. We had been riding half the day and it started to get really windy, as we stopped for lunch. We joked about the wind and how hot it was and then headed off back on the bikes. As we come around a corner it is just getting windier and windier, all of a sudden there is miles and miles of Wind Turbines coming our way. WAM BAM SLAM, it’s on the wind is slamming into us, all I can do to keep my speed and lay into the wind as hard as I can just to keep the bike on the road. I am a sail getting blow around the road, all my strength just to hold the bike in my lane. If I go left I get hit by a truck or bus and if I go right I fall into trees and marsh. There was one point I was leaning left as hard as I could bike is at a hard angle winds blowing so hard that I start to still slide right toward the trees and marsh lean even harder I don’t know how my tires didn’t just slip out and left me laying on the road.
So that story gets you ready for this one, we were exchange stories over and we were just telling each other about different things that had happen we both had unique crazy experiences getting across the border. Then I was like “dude what about that wind getting to the border” He looked at me and said “oh yeah that wind was gnarly I got pushed off the road and wrecked hard.” Wait what! “Yeah I wasn’t going fast about 70km caught a big gust and dropped off the road and wrecked in grass and marsh, luckily there was a big truck of Mexicans running a torch down the road who stopped and helped me.” Not only did they help him get his bike to the road but his Pannier had exploded so all of his clothing and gear was getting blown all over the place so they chased after it all. The wind kept blowing his bike over so he said screw it and threw his bike and himself in the truck and got a lift for about 20km till the wind died down. He told me he had found out that, that stretch was the windiest area in Mexico. The wind comes from the east coast and blast through to the west coast, supposedly people sailing have to watch the winds and time it right to get by on the west coast safely.
We laughed, drank , got some street food, and just hung out talking about routes and what not. It is always nice to meet up with another rider who has the same carefree style and are just along for the adventure.

DAY 46-
Today I slept in and ate a big delicious breakfast. Walked down to Clay’s Hostel around 10am to meet up with him and run an errand. He was waiting on his license, he was going to go to Honduras for a week to go scuba diving and then drive back to Antigua Guatemala in hope that his license showed up. I told him instead of back tracking and coming back here that I would check in and see every day of his license showed up and pick it up. We were already going to meet up in Nicaragua so I would deliver it there. He had a paper document of it so he could cross borders. We went to the school where his License was getting sent and he gave them permission to give me the letter if it came in. I ran around getting ready for class and ate a deep-fried pepper sandwich of some kind.
I went to class and it was very very full on, very hard and intense a lot going on. Once finishing class my brain hurt a lot so I left the homework on my bed and headed out for a walk. I started to feel weird and off balance, realizing had not had any water all day I got a bottle and a little food and started to feel much better. I went to tell Clay safe and rad travels and I would see him in a week or so in Nicaragua hopefully with his license and I would email if it came in so he didn’t have to back track. I got there and he was very very excited, his license had just shown up so we ended up going out for a couple of s and dollar pollo Sandwiches.

DAY 47-
Got up at 7:30, yeah that’s right I’m up ready for the day, going to eat a nice breakfast for free at the hostel and do 4hrs of homework and studying before class. 9am ate breakfast and messed around on the computer no homework or studying (I swear I am not ADHHHHHHD AT ALL!~!!!). Okay put the computer away; go to the café, coffee and study. I actually got my homework done and study a bit, although had way too much coffee. I realize this as I shake down the street toward school. I get through class; I am getting frustrated with myself. In my head I should be able to speak okay Spanish in less than a week.. Yeah not a chance takes months to get this langue, especially for my second language. Def should have taken more time with Rosetta stone, lesson learned you GRINGO. Yeah let’s ride from Colorado to South America without even being able to order a in Spanish.. That’s not important… Good call Fletch…haha you’re a dang ol Thinker
Alright let’s go get dinner and a . I head back to the same street vendor lady I go to every night (she hasn’t got me sick and I am full for 2 bucks, no brainer). Then go to this cool Café for a and internet. Drop my computer off at Hostel and meet up with Natali from my hostel for a and open mic night (no I didn’t sing or say poetry) nice girl from Norway. Went home Skyped for a while with Sarah and Homie Dog and past out.

DAY 48-
I slept in until 8:30, had a nice big breakfast. Alright let’s study…….nope.. Damn it Fletch you’re not going to learn you need to study.. okay okay… Wanna go for a walk and find an Orphanage too go to and bring presents to on Christmas? YUP!!! Hahaha okay okay I will study later. I walked around for a while, couldn’t find the Orphanage but I will. I want to bring soccer balls, dolls, and coloring books there on Christmas if I am still here.
I went to school and did well until the end started getting frustrated but played through and learned a lot. I have to be Patient with myself and study!!!! I got done and needed a bad today, so I grabbed a Pollo Sandwich from my new street food friend and headed to happy hour at my new favorite Café. I started to do some work and research for my next stage of the trip, but started talking to Phil from Canada who lives in Guatemala for 6 months and Canada the other six months. His girlfriend of 5+ years lives and works here. Very nice guy, kept buying me s and wanting to hear my stories and telling me his. Now I sit writing to you, good day my friend I will talk with you tomorrow. PS I am real fast and just figured out my spell check has not been on,… oooops my bad…
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DAY 49-50
12/24/2011- 12/25/2011
Didn't know what today was going to be like for me. Woke up had breakfast and started my day off by walking around the city looking for some Jeans and shoes. I found some sweet fake Levis for cheap and they were baggy enough to make me happy (save your balls say no to skinny jeans.. haha) I headed to Spanish class, we ended up walking around the city conversing (slowly) drinking coffee and just enjoying the day, although it was over cast and made you tired. We went to her friend’s house for lunch and then back to class. After class I headed back to the Hostel to take a nap. I had asked my teacher where I could buy Fireworks and she pointed me in the right direction. The craziest place I have ever seen, a full market with mostly homemade fireworks, ranging from huge mortars to full on sticks of Dynamite. I was a kid in a candy store; I bought $14 worth which would have been over $80 back home.
There was nobody at all at my hostel very empty place, nice but nobody to spend Xmas eve with. I then met a nice UK girl and a Danish Couple who was very nice. They invited me out to dinner with them; at first I said no thanks then smacked myself (what else do you have to do other than be alone eating street food for Xmas Eve). I joined them and as we were heading out all of the power went out throughout the whole city. Everywhere was closed; finally we found a place for dinner. It was a fun dinner experience, we all had pizza, but I was the only one who had meat or /alcohol. We went back to the hostel and all I wanted to do was set of fireworks, the Security guy said no no not yet. I was confused all I wanted to do was set of my Xmas present, finally I figured out I should wait till 12am. So I grabbed my bottle of Guatemalan Rum and had a few shots and relaxed with my new friends. Finally 2 minutes till 12am we went outside the streets were deserted; right as I lit off a stick of dynamite BOOOOOM, all of a sudden the city went crazy. I have never seen or heard anything like this; everyone throughout the city was setting off fireworks. It lasted for 9 minutes then everyone went back to the families. We hung out and finished off my little bottle of Rum. Went to sleep around 1am.

Xmas- Day
Woke up around 9am with a nice fresh breakfast and skyped with my family for Xmas morning. I then walked around all day with my new friends exploring new places and taking in the History of Antigua.
I believe we are off to the Guatemalan Rainforest in two days for New Years Eve then down to El Salvador.

DAY- 51
Today was a straight forward day, ran around packing to leave tomorrow. Went to class, then out to dinner with Sarah from UK.. Super nice girl, who has been on the road for a little over 3 months and another month or so to go. I had the biggest plate of Chicken Nacho’s ever, for only 6 bucks. Today was probably the most low-key day I have had yet on my trip.


Today was EPIC!!! I woke up 7:30am was still very full from dinner so I skipped breakfast and loaded up the bike. I am very stoked to say that I am slowly dropping gear and clothing, on purpose and accidental. I left the backpack that was holding laptop, tools and straps on purpose at the hostel was able to consolidate all my gear into the panniers, Wolfman Waterproof duffle, and Wolfman Tank bag. I got great instructions on how to get out of Antigua and on my way. I was making great time flying into Guatemala City, (no map of the city..Yeah good call Fletch!) haha. Once I got into it I was just guessing, finally stopped and asked a delivery biker. He told me yeah yeah just keep going straight…nope lost again, I asked 5 other people all telling me different directions. I have figured out Guatemala is just like Mexico if people do not know they will still tell you some made up directions.. I was lost for over an hour in Guatemala City, I finally saw a McDonalds and stopped and asked. I pulled out my city map and asked where I was to one guy. All of a sudden I looked up and there was over 10 people around me telling me all different directions, I finally got an average direction to head. I walked outside and another guy came out and started to talk with me trying to help as well. I headed out and made my way finally I found the CA9 heading out of town. It was slammed with traffic so I got into city mode and started splitting cars and trucks making my way out of town.
The road had a lot of construction or would just turn into single lane highway and you just hoped no big trucks were coming your way, (I would not want to drive a car here but a bike is fun easy to squeeze by people). I got turned around one more time then figured out where my switchback turn was. I stopped to have “lunch” M&M and nuts and put my jacket on, it was starting to get cold. I unstrapped my Flip-flops and jacket, strapped the bike back up and started to make my way. I came up on a Euro plated African Twin; we rode together for only 30km. I passed him at the Tope’s and led for awhile. I was whipping through the turns and came up to a very twisty spot. I ripped through a beautiful left, right, and then out of nowhere a huge 180 right hand. Came in way to hot had to lean as far as I could touching foot pegs, (yeah not the best idea on worn out tires) yuppers there goes the back tire. “You’re an idiot it Power through!!” Kicked the right leg out supermoto style, held strong, and straightened her out, yup all the hair on my back is at attention and I am smiling!
I came into Coban rode in a small circle saw my exit and dropped down through the market and out toward Lanquin. I took a turn not fast and swear my front tire slipped out… “That was weird I must of hit oil or something”. Couple km’s later my back slipped out, “okay what the hell is going on”. Now it’s raining pretty good roads wet, and it feels like I am on ice!!! I had been warned about the Kenda Tires that I have and when they start to go they can be slick in the rain. But holy $%*%$#$#$%#$, I could go over 30mph in any turn or else both tires would slip out. I finally made it to where the road turned to dirt. Up until the dirt the road even slick had been amazing wrapping around the top of a valley, beautiful lush green valley with mountains everywhere. I used my helmet cam all day..(Figured out that I had wrong Memory card in it and ran out of space very quickly missed a lot of pictures, lesson learned). The dirt road was dirt, rocky, muddy, slick, and AWESOME!!! It was just switchbacks dropping into the valley, was full on breath taking. The KLR just bounded down through it all much happier than being stuck on asphalt all day, I really am starting to fall in love with the KLR. Although she needs a good name, any suggestions? Everyone on the road was waving and smiling, it was a narrow road but being on a bike I was able to just squeeze by the traffic.. When I say traffic I saw 8 trucks and one bike on the road. I road through Lanquin saw the sign for Zephyr hostel and road down the alley to where it dead ended into a rad straw housing community. When arriving I greeted with a smile and a , a well needed at that. Right as I got a room I started to unpack and realized yup left my flip-flops on the ground at the gas station, yup gone.
The hostel sits above a river in the middle of a rainforest with Mountains surrounding it, full on breath taking. So happy a random guy told me to head this way instead of the coast. I will spend New Year’s here looks like it will be a good time. I will go caving tomorrow or the next and waterfall jumping as well.

DAY 53
I was surprisingly tired from yesterdays ride; I took it pretty easy all day. It is a very relaxing place, became friends with a Dutch Guy Ivo (evo), we walked into town (a very small town with not a lot going on). From there we got back to Zephyr and headed down to the river, which was nice and shallow but very very nice. That night we had a few s and played giant Jango which was quiet fun and met a lot of new people.

DAY 54
Woke up today and was ready to do something new, exciting, scary, adrenaline pumping, or just go float down the river through the rainforest on tubes with …yeah that sounds perfect. Went with a good group of people from the hostel a rad couple Manchester Mark and Sophia, Elliot from Australia who works at the hostel, Ivo, Wis, and a few others. It was very nice and relaxing floated for over 2hrs. We got back to the hostel and just sat around tables playing cards and knocking a few back in the middle of the rainforest of Guatemala.

DAY 55
Yeah one of the raddest tours I have ever been on period. There was 15 of us that loaded up into the back of a truck bed and held on as we bounced and slid down and up a pretty gnarly road for about 50 minutes until reaching ……………. We walked along the river up to a little shack and dropped off all of our stuff and shoes, we were all handed one candle each. We walked up to the entrance of a cave and lit our Candles and slowly made our way into a waist deep pitch black cave. I was in the back with an oil truck driver from far North West Canada named Jordan. We made our way climbing up rocks, ladders, waterfalls with ropes, squeezing through tight water holes, jumping off of rock ledges in the pitch black, to finally swimming out of the cave into a small creek where we hiked out.
We grabbed our stuff and headed to the river where there was a very enticing rope swing. Well it was exactly that a rope swing which you had to sit on it and swing way out then push out. The guide went first and it looked pretty awkward and you were most likely going to belly flop from 20ft up. I was the next up and when I hit the peak of the swing, I laid out a nice little back flip out of it and landed okay with a little back slap. Got great video and pictures of other flipping and a few bad flops. I wanted to try a double backflip off of it, but when I was at the peak of it this time it started to twist so I just went for a single but instead I did one and a quarter right to my back hahaha.
We headed up to a nice bridge to jump off of which was something like 35ft-ish. One guy climbed to the top of the suspension bridge and jumped, sweet I wanna go. I climbed up got to the top and slipped… but caught myself and then sat down. I then threw a frontflip with a spin off of it and landed great. Came up and everybody was clapping, I on the other hand was not due to smacking my family jewels extremely hard haha, okay next jump.
We hiked up the crazy path with very steep ladder/ stairs to finally make it to this amazing lookout point, where we sat and ate our sandwiches. We sat above the blue lagoon pools over looking them by 500ft or so. After lunch we headed down to where the river chunders down under ground and disappears for a little bit. We swam in the waterfalls and pools for awhile till the guide took us over to a water fall about 50ish ft where we could jump off of. I was very excited it looked to be a real good one, of course the guide tells everyone don’t jump to right, left, or out Rocks but straight down to the middle was good.
I was very excited and went first and threw a nice front flip with a spin off of it. Almost everyone went at least once I jumped twice and was stoked, so we then headed back to the pools and for a slide. I wasn’t too intrigued by the slide it was about 10ft long and looked very bumpy and painful slide down some rocks. I did it and it was a very bump and painful slide but still fun, because everyone was laughing as we each just bounced down a rock just because some guide said too.. Haha smart people we are.
We walked back to the truck and it was quiet hilarious we all got in the truck and then waited… no driver. Lots of kids walking around the truck trying to sell Chocolate (very burnt chocolate) one guy was very funny getting a little worked up ready to leave but not. He had a cigarette and when he was smoking I looked at him and his friend “Can you please put that out, that’s gross and really bothering me” His face just dropped and his buddy just stared at me, it was classic. I just burst out laughing and everyone started to laugh it was great.
Got back to the hostel had a few s, food, and played a few games and went and past out very tired.
Lots of pictures to come, very very slow internet cannot upload..
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Talking Catch up sorry...

Day 57-
(My days are correct now.. It looks like I never wrote about day 49 12/23/2011)

I will start off by telling the truth….I brought in the New Year by shooting myself in the face with a Guatemalan Firework, well done Fletch..Well Done..

Last day of the year, a year with huge choices made and I am smiling hugging my bike. Woke up today and was a wreck, extremely dehydrated feeling awful. I drank 4 Gatorades and had a few supplements and started to feel much much better. Had a very mellow day, took a nice nap in a hammock in the rainforest.
The night started off with a few drinks and a lot of card games, we were all waiting to have a huge family meal together. Around 8pm we ate dinner, we had a huge spread of awesome food; grilled chicken, egg salad, three different types of Salads, garlic bread, slaw, ECT. lots and lots of food. I hungout meeting new people and just having a blast. We got into teams and had a trivia game, after the trivia part there was bonus rounds. The first was we had to take a frozen shirt that was in an ice ball and somehow open it and put it on, first one wins. I nominated myself to do it. I grabbed it and ran for the fire, no real luck so I just started swinging it like a mad man at a brick wall and slowly but surely ice and concrete was flying everywhere. I was about to pull it apart and squeeze it onto my thin frame just in time to take the win. Next Bonus was how many clips could your teammates clip onto you face, this time my team nominated me for this due to my beard; and once again we won. We were in a three way tie, the tie breaker was a shot gunning race. A Dutch guy on our team said he could win, I have never seen someone drink so faced in my life and it wasn’t my teammate. The winner was a Canadian Girl who literally drank the and crushed the can in lass the 3 seconds it was ridiculous... we lost but was a heck of a 3hr game.
Alright alright almost midnight time to shoot fireworks off... what you need help, I’ll help I am awesome at shooting off fireworks. Starting to rain so let’s go quick.. Count down HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! They had huge square boxes that you lit and tons of small mortars would shoot way up and exploded into an amazing show. The wick was very small and right as I lit it..BANG. No time to react.. WHAM.. Right in the face.. Oh @#$% me and then the rest shot up nicely into the sky.. Okay you still have you eyes and you’re not bleeding.. haha You’re an Idiot lesson learned.. Haha Way to start of the year…. We stayed up for a few more hours then headed to bed.

DAY 58-
Rough morning waking up, everyone slept in and was feeling pretty bad. I took a nap and hung out before we went tubing again. It rained almost the whole time and was a blast. I did a lot of planning all day, trying to figure out which route I will take tomorrow on my way to Nicaragua. We had a mellow night playing a card game called spoons.

DAY 59-
Woke up today feeling off, I have not felt great for over a week now, don’t know what is wrong just feel off and sluggish every day. Said a lot of goodbyes and packed up the bike. Checked out, I had not gone over budget so that was good to see. It rained all night and was still dumping sheets of rain while I packed up the bike. I got on the good old bike in the rain and headed out. The road did not feel like the same road I had come in on a lot more smoother thanks to the mud I think. I have to apologize to Kenda for hating on them before. I found out there is something on the 60km stretch of road from Coban to Lanquin that when it gets wet some oil comes out and makes it as slick as ice. With that said I rode very careful today on that stretch with no problems. I made pretty good time considering I rode for over 4hrs in the pouring rain, and then it got sunny for the last 3hrs of riding. One point today I was ripping through the turns and came up on a few cars made my way through pretty well, then all of a sudden huge car eating potholes started to appear I mean over 2+feet deep and huge. I went to pass a car, so I was close to them and could see what was coming and out of nowhere…WHAM!!! I crushed my bike on a huge pothole; I rode for awhile before I pulled over to check my tires and rims. I was praying that I hadn’t just tweaked or bent my front rim, I hit hard like really hard. When I started to slow down to pull into the gas station my bike felt a little funny. I checked the front, yup there was a small tweak to it not bad barely visible. I got gas and headed down the road, the bike wasn’t acting right okay let check again. This time I caught the tweak on the front, but then looked closer and yup I got the back one as well real dang ol good too... Crap I don’t know how I am going to fix this one, they ride fine but they are now weaker and I don’t need that. I made it to the Guatemalan, Honduras, and El Salvador border today. I got a nicer hotel due to I am in a kind of sketchy city and they offered really nice safe parking. This place is too nice and fancy for me, but still only 20 bucks small splurge. I will cross into El Salvador tomorrow head to the coast, Playa San Diego. Then cross through Honduras the next day or day after need to do laundry, I will cross Honduras in one day and get into Nicaragua quickly.

DAY 60
Woke up no energy just feeling drained and a little fever/ cold sweat going on. Oh man, push through pack up the bike and get on the road. I headed out had to back track about 15km till my turn off toward the El Salvador Border, I made it there fast no problems.

(Okay grab a or Coffee, I am going to tell you a story.. The rest of the day is Hilarious.)
I drive in to the border barely any cars to be seen and no lines at all, even better no buddy milling around hassling you to let them help you. “YEAH THIS IS GOING TO BE FAST AND EASY!!” I get off my bike walked to the police, nothing going on not a check point I guess. I get back on the bike ride through the check point, “whistle whistle” look back cop wave at me but he is waving at me to keep going forward. What the hell? I wave back to him if he wants me to turn around; nope he waves me to keep going forward. I go to the next check point, guards on his radio and sends me back to where I came from. I laugh and head back. Talking to them I find out I need to get 2 copies of all my info, title, lic, reg, passport, and three copies of my permit NOT THE RECEIPT. They send me up away from the El Salvador border for copies, nope no power. I head back and then they send me down toward El Salvador border, I get all of the copies and head back. “Yeah I am going to be on my way quickly this is great”. Officer looks at my copies, “where is your permit and copies?” “You copied your receipt not your permit” Oh okay I will go make right copies. “Ugh where’s my permit?” After 40 minutes of searching through all of my stuff, back tracking my steps, and making sure he doesn’t have it either, it’s confirmed that I do not have my permit... CRAP!!! Now what? He looks worried, he gets on his radio for a while then asked where I came through, which border from Mexico? “Wait what; I have to drive all the way back to the border?” “No no we are going to try and get them to fax a copy it may or may not work and will take a few hours.” “I am in idiot, what did I do with it!!!” He takes me down to the station and they start to work, I sit there for about an hour and then the officer says they are done. Sweet! No w I have to go back up to the office for a stamp on the Permit declaring it is the right SN and bike, then I can go to El Salvador. I go get my stamp; we are making jokes getting a good laugh. Alright let’s go to El Salvador, I get to the check point, “Where’s your stamp out of Guatemala?” “I don’t know they told me I was good and handed my passport back, is there not a stamp?” “Nope go back get a stamp.” So I go stand in line for 20 minutes and get my stamp, I make sure that’s all I have to do and then head to the El Salvador Office to get my stamp and permit. I make it up to the Passport desk and a security guard walks up telling me I have to go back to Guatemala side and get my permit stamped. “What I already did this? Anyone speak English? Oh cool you do please help me, ask him why I have to go back?” Okay I head back at this point this has turned into a pretty funny joke, anyone with a radio is just laughing with me. A security guy tells me where to park, and then we make jokes as he takes me back into another office and I get checked out of Guatemala finally able to go. I go back to El Salvador Border and a security guard with a radio walks out points to where I should park and points to where to go first and then where to finish up. I get through the Passport check quick and head to the next window. The guy is speaking very fast; I look at him dumbly, and then say POCO ESPANOL!! Hahaha he just looks at me and starts to laugh with me. He gets a guy to come over who speaks English, he asks me some question, and again I say Poco Espanola. “Oh okay, but you can read in Spanish right?” “What no.” He rolls his eyes and walks over to my bike and fills out the paper in 5 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes I am giving my permits and sent on my way. YEAH I AM IN EL SALVIDOR!!! Only took 3+hrs!!! BUT I AM IN EL SALVIDOR SO SO RAD!!!
I am making good time and the roads are way better here than Guatemala, glassy smooth and fast. I get into San Ana, and get well lost for 20 minutes. Finally third time is the charm asking for directions, this time from some nice cops who got me out of there with in 3 minutes. I make it to the coast take a left and head south down the 2. I am just flying now, holding 75mph laying down some sweet turns and I should be in Playa San Diego with in a 1.5hrs. I come up on a great view and decide to stop real quick for a picture. I pull off onto a nice dirt patch and take a pretty good picture. Get back on and go through a little town, not much there. I am about 500 meters from town and my back tire feels weird. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! HAHA I stop and yup she’s going flat quick. A kid tells me that there is a shop in town okay grab I turned around no to flat to risk messing up my only tire. I stop and she is really flat and lose my balance and down we go.. (Picture time?) Yup. I get her back up and put her on the center stand. Put my bags on the front bars and get the back off the ground. I look up and a guy had walked down from his house and is just watching me. Right as I get my tools out and start to go to work he crouches down next to me and grab some tools and goes to work with me in silence. We get the tire off quickly and start going after the tire with my irons, in perfect Spanish I ask what his name is..haha. Antonio. All of a sudden another guy maybe in his early 20’s shows up wearing a flat brim hat kind of in gangsterish clothes and starts to help as well. We change it but all I have is an 18” tube, (that’s all I could find in Baja when I blew my other one, no 17). With the 18” tube we had a hard time with such small irons trying to get the last bit of tire on it. So the younger guy says he will take the tire into town and get it fixed, I give him 4 bucks and he puts the tire in his lap and went to town. “I look at my bike with no tire on it, man I really hope he brings back my tire..haha” 20 minutes later he shows up tire on and 25psi in it. Yup that will work, we quickly get the tire on and as through the luggage on yup there goes the bike again to pavement. Haha Finally all set to get on the road. I hand the young guy 10 bucks for helping he is very thankful, I call up to Antonio at his house he walks down and I meet him half way with 10 bucks for him he smiles and thanks me. They really saved me. But now it is almost 6pm, sun is setting quickly and I have no where to stay, should I set up camp in Antonio’s yard if he will let me. At this point I still don’t feel great, and since I have been feeling under the weather all day I hadn’t felt hungry so I hadn’t eaten. Now I am getting hungry and want a bed, so I jump on the bike and start ripping down the coast. I am now in a new country riding at night, well done Fletch well done. Haha I cut through a few towns, I feel safe nothing sketchy. I stop and ask where this one town is and they tell me to keep going, nope it was right where I asked oh well too late. I stop and get gas right before I ran out and asked how far to Play San Diego, 7km. I ride down a dirt road for 10 minutes get to the beach, and then get pointed in the right direction to the Hostel El Robel. Down a dark dirt road through some fields come to a big gate with the name on the wall. I ring the bell; an English guy opens a door. I look at him and ask if they have room, “yup come in I got a free with your name on it” “you had me at ”. He opens the gate and lets me in, shows me around and gives me a . I take a nice cold shower and feel much better, I sat down for a huge family dinner style and it was delicious and spicy. Mushroom soup and rice with ground beef. Perfect. Went to bed nice hard sleep.


Woke up a little slow this morning, still feeling lethargic. Drank some coffee and headed into town to walk around and find sunscreen. We walked to the pier and I was in heaven! All of the small fishing boats were getting hoisted up onto the end of the pier and fish were being filleted everywhere. Right as you walked in there was just rows of fresh Ceviche, fish, shrimp, lobsters, mussels, and everything else you could want seafood wise. Then you walk out onto the pier and it’s just guys clean boats, nets, and fish. I eat two bowls of Ceviche, shrimp, calamari, clam, fish, salsa, lime, picante, and seasonings. SO SO SO DELICIOUS for just $2 a bowl.
I get back to the hostel and relax, rode on my first two Chicken Buses this trip 25 cents each. I relaxed at the hostel, wrote, had a , and then went for a walk. I got back and was told that some others were headed down the beach 30 minutes or so to release baby turtles into the sea. El Salvador used to be known for harvesting the turtle eggs and eating them. That was made Illegal a while back so they have started to help them now. They track the turtles to where they lay the eggs; after they leave they take the eggs and give them a safe area to hatch away from dogs and predators. After they are hatch they release them into the sea and for a 5 dollar donation which helps out the families who do the work you can release a lot of them around 5pm into the sunset.
We walked up the beach and finally found the place right before the sunset. They were swimming in a square tub, he scooped them up into a bucket about 30-40 little guys. We walked to the water and started to release them, it is amazing that you can aim them any ways and they will always turn and head to the ocean. The guy running it yelled to me not to move I looked down and there was two I was about to step on and then I almost stepped on one behind me. At one point we had like 15 of them heading toward the ocean together. They were surprisingly soft and smooth. Such a rad experience, so glad I joined in and went with them. We got back to the hostel just in time for dinner and I was so tired went to bed by 8:30.

Woke up this morning and realized I didn’t want to leave El Salvador, so I didn’t. I headed back North to Playa El Tunco, a little surfer paradise. I showed up to a little hostel near the beach and right away saw a friend that I had met in Puerto Escondido Mexico. I hung out and surfed for 3 great days. I met so many awesome new friends. We had great family dinners and just amazing times. El Salvador has the nicest, greatest people. Matt from Holland gave me a sweet bracelet thingy and now I am part of the BRACLET BRAHS!!!

Woke up this morning still not feeling great and my feet are swollen- weird. I didn’t want to leave, but I knew it was time to make my way toward Nicaragua. So I loaded up the bike dripping sweat and headed south down the coast. It was a nice road lots of potholes, the road ran next to the coast then into the fields and back to the coast. I felt horrible the whole ride, but at the end of the day I started to feel much better. I rode for only 3hrs until I came upon a small beach town right before Honduras. I found a cheap place to sleep for 6 bucks right on the beach. I went for an hour or so walk up the beach then to a little fishing village which just had boat come in with fresh fish. I was walking back into the compound when I walked by a couple who looked very familiar. I then saw two scooters one with a surf rack, I had definitely had met that couple before in Antigua. I headed back to their table and started talking with them. We had met in Antigua only for 5 minutes when we were both looking for a hostel with safe parking. They were from Holland and had flown to Mexico, bought scooters had a surfboard rack welded to one of the bikes. They are following the West Coast all the way down to Panama on 125cc and 150cc Scooters, so awesome. The guy was making me laugh when he was telling stories of trying to cross the 30+miles of wind from Puerto to Guatemala. He said they couldn’t ride it they were all over the place wrecking and falling over so finally had to hitch hike with the scooters and made it.
I didn’t eat all day, just wasn’t feeling it until 7pm when I had a huge plate of Pasta. I figured out my route that I wanted to take from there to Nicaragua. I sent out an email to the family let them know I was doing two border crossing and would be in Nicaragua by the next night and then I went to sleep.

Alright I am going to be completely honest; I woke up with morning a little nervous about crossing through Honduras. I had been told as well as read a lot of forums about people having a lot of trouble with the police in Honduras and I just don’t like border crossings-period… Up till this point I had been lucky, no problems with the cops, Border Officers, or bad encounters at all, so I had a feeling it was my turn soon. I toward the El Salvador/ Honduras border and was stopped at a police check point. Before I could say anything he saw my maps on my tank bag and asked if I was going to Nicaragua. I said yes and he waved me back onto the road and on my way.
I rode into the border and people started coming out trying to get me to stop so that I would let them help me and pay them for helping me. I just kept driving, one guy walked out and tried to stop me and I just drove through till a cop made me stop. Woops I needed to stop there and talk to the guy who tried to stop me. I gave him my permits and made a quick photocopy and was on my way. As I pulled into the next building I was asked again to let someone help me, No Gracias and made my way to the Immigration office to get stamped out of El Salvador. I made it to the next check point where the guy asked for my title, passport, license, and permits. He had all of my important stuff and told me to follow him, (of course I am going to follow you, you have my life in your hands) haha. I parked my bike near another KLR from Panama and walked into the office. Again I was followed by the same guy trying to help me finally I figured out the key word NO DINARO, he looked at me said you have no money… and walked away..Haha I sat there for awhile and she typed up a permit for me, I had to walk to the bank and pay 35 bucks for the permit just to ride through Honduras a 60mile stretch until I got into Nicaragua. I made a bunch more copies and then she handed me my permit. I met the guy on the other KLR and he warned to watch my speed through Honduras, don’t break 90kmh police are a problem he told me. I grabbed a Pepsi from a nice older lady 60ish who when I maid she reached up and pinched my nipple… ugh what just happened? haha… I got back to the office asked if I was finished and could head to Nicaragua? She said yes all done.
I jumped on my bike and made my way through Honduras. I came upon my first Police stop, “oh man oh man” I smiled at the guy as he waved me through and then he gave me the thumbs up and smiled and went back to work. I passed a truck full of cops and nothing. I came to another checkpoint and they just waved me through with a quick nod, I gave them the thumbs up and headed toward the border. The road was horrible zigzagging all though pothole hell until I reached the border. Another check point at the border, they wanted my License and were not taking my copies or Permit, finally he told me he wasn’t cop he was official who need to see a valid license to let me into the Border. I made my way to the border, very excited I made it without a problem... “Yeah I am getting good at this watch out world I have this down pat…” (Yeah right..) I strutted up to the window to get checked out of Honduras.. "Sir where is your entry stamp?” “My what” I was told and read that El Salvador and Honduras doesn’t stamp. He got me to walk into the office and sit in the back room. An officer came in holding a stamp and sat down. We talked for a sec and he told me I should have a stamp and I would not be allowed to enter Nicaragua or leave Honduras. He started to BS me around finally I knew what he was after, I looked at him and asked how much for the stamp. He smiled said yes yes and got up got a piece a paper and wrote $50 bucks! WHAT!!! After a little back and forth, he also handed back a little bit of money after I explained I didn’t have enough now for Nicaragua permit. I ended up paying $30 for that damn stamp.. haha oh well it was bound to happen sometime, just didn’t think it would be from a border official. (I am getting really good at laughing and letting things go..and of course still getting lost.. haha). He stapled the money to a piece of paper and stuffed it in the middle of a stack of paper. Although he did get a lady to skip me sit me in the office and cancel my permit and make me legal to go to Nicaragua. I headed across the border after a little running around and sweating a lot I was allowed to enter Nicaragua.
I made it about a 1km until I was stopped by three police officers and asked for my license, I gave them my AAA International driving license. They were all around my bike I was trying to watch all of them my helmet was still off when another guy started to ask me stupid questions about the bike. The officer with the permit started to hand back the license, and then another cop started to walk up, yup time to go! I snatched my license said gracias and gave her gas for about 400meters put my helmet back on and gear, headed down the road. Not even 1km further and another checkpoint!!! Their shirts said Immigration but there truck had a rubbed off immigration sticker on the back but kind of a legit one on the door. They asked for my passport..(You Serious, we’re not even 2km from the border where I just had to show my passport to get onto this road) Fine, here it is he looked at it for a second said thanks and sent me on my way. The road went from very smooth and nice to pothole hell again. I Came into a town and found an atm and gas. Saw my new friend from Panama again and he wanted a picture of us, I took one as well. I got back on the road after gas and headed for Leon, I was making good time flying down the road. I came upon three other bikes with younger kids on them. They honked and yelled smiling at me as I passed them. They chased after me and we were flying down the road, out of nowhere there was a cop standing on the road she started to walk out toward our lane blowing her whistle. I started to hit the brakes then remember when I got pulled over before they had no radios and there was no car around her, yeah right slammed the gas and blasted out of there same with the kids. I continued on my way, caught up with the Panama guy he was riding slow, probably smart so we rode for a while until he headed toward the capital and I went for the coast. I made it through Leon without getting too lost and the first hostel I tried had safe parking, weird vibe but cheap. I will go find tires tomorrow, spend one more night and go to Ben’s hotel on the 11th.
Pictures to come..
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Catch up on pics... Guatemala. El salvador, nicaragua!!!!

































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Talking Last few




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Smile Catching up in nica..


Look for tire day!!
Woke up ran around town found one of the only motoshops I could find. They had oil, tube, and a rear tire my size. After a little Bargaining I left paying less than 80 bucks for everything... not bad considering where I am... Although I think I will wait as long as I can to put on the new back tire, I bought it more as a backup/ just in case tire. It is a CST 70% road I’d say. I will make it to San Jose, Costa Rica and try and replace both my tires there before heading down to Panama and crossing over to Columbia with Clay from Canada by the end of the month. I had a pretty low key rest of the day started to do some research on how I am going to get from Argentina to South Africa. Talk to my buddy Ben who lives down in Playa Gigante and got directions to his house/ surf lodge. I got caught up on a little Skype action, nice dinner, and went to bed.

Ran around town looking for a map of Nicaragua, no luck oh well at least I am getting to be a pro at getting lost. Haha… I got my bike out of the owner of the hostels house and loaded her back up, threw the tire on the back and headed off. Made it out of town without getting lost once... I rallied through Nicaragua, didn’t follow my friends directions too much took a short cut and it worked out for me. I followed his directions wants I got off the Pan-American and got into the good old dirt. I had a blast riding today just laughing and giving her throttle. I was almost to my buddies house when I cam e up on a small river crossing he forgot to tell me about. I didn’t know how did it was, I waited till I saw a suv cross it, looked to be about knee deep. I took it easy through the crossing and then fish tailed up the muddy hill on the other side. I drove right past my friends lodge and then after asking some locals I pulled up to his gate. He let me in with a smile, hug, , and 5 minutes to get my board shorts on pick a surfboard and get on the boat. PERFECT!!
We ripped up the coast looking for some waves, after 15 minutes we were in the water surfing a fun little break. We surfed for 3hrs or so and then headed back to the boat. I got settled into my room shown around the lodge and town. Went to his restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. Had a pretty mellow day, this place is amazing I will stick around here for a week.

DAY 69-71
We grabbed our boards and walked down the beach over some rocks around the cliffs and jumped off a small cliff into the ocean and went surfing for 3+hrs. I traded with a guy Gavin and used his long board which was a blast due to the size of the waves. I have been going surfing and hanging out with a guy JJ one of Bens and Becca’s good friends. We did an hour hike each way through the dang ol jungle to go surf. Got home ate lunch took a nap and hiked back out toward the same spot but then went into a different town for dinner. We crossed a gnarly swing bridge in the dark that had a lot of missing planks.
I have had an awesome time catching up with Ben I haven’t seen or hung out with him in almost 4 years.
Ben let me grab his Capitan, gas, and a few new friends and go fishing, his boat needed to be run. There were 8 people, 6 guys and two girls. The boat was divided myself and three Canadian guys fishing in the back and the rest in the front either hangover, sick, or seasick. One girl wasn’t ready for what fishing entailed. Right as we caught our first tuna, I leaned down and gaffed it out of the water she started to cry… Understandable due to how the first fish went down. We caught the fish pulled it in; when I gaffed it, it started to bleed. Walter the captain grabbed it and washed it off tossed it into the boat. Well it was still alive and started to flap around thus spray blood all over everything haha... The 4 in the front was not impressed. Haha we got it down pat for the rest of the fish we caught a total of 5 nice size tunas and kept them to eat. We were mainly using a hand line which is a blast to fight a fish on, much more entertaining than just a rod. We got back to land I kept one for myself, one was a tip for Walter the captain, and the rest was taking to a restaurant for dinner. We met back up and went and ate fish tacos for dinner. Was pretty good, kind of expensive since we caught the fish. Very nice group of people mainly from Canada.
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Talking Been along time sorry, but I have been writing

Please check out my RR on ADVrider

Follow me as i braaaap and cook around the world!!!! - ADVrider

or on my blog fletch-goes-rtw.blogspot.com

In Bolivia now
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Give it another run


DAY 382-385

Mendoza was nice, not my all time favorite but still very nice place. I stayed for 5 nights, I walked around a lot just taking in all of the nice parks, plaza’s, and markets. But I was ready to get back into the mountains and to go to Chile. Met some nice people had a few s, I did decide not to do a wine tour, one very expensive but also I have done them before so not a lot of interest.
I did a lot of catching up this week on my writing and picture editing. Cooked up a few good meals and had some good whiskey. Planned out my route down to Patagonia taking the Chilean side as far as possible, and then cutting over to Route 40.

Let’s shred for Chile!!
The bike all day was dogging with no power on the climb up toward the border, but was not using any coolant do to how cold it was but still burning oil. As well as the suspension going which I will have to get rebuilt again in Chile before I make my run for Patagonia, my Clutch may need to be changed out do to kept skipping, super not to stoked on the bike or all of the work and money I just spent for nothing in BA.. But that’s traveling and letting random mechanics work on the bike, but that’s what I get for not knowing enough about my bike. Although I have learned a lot but still have oh so much to learn ahahaha
Okay enough griping today’s riding even with the bike not running awesome still had me smiling and the heart screaming “**** yeah!!!” So nice to be back in the mountains oh how much I have missed them!! I started riding in and they were small but I was stopping for pictures and the higher I went the larger they got. I stopped at the base for gas and talked with a couple if nice Argentinean BMW and Harley guys before heading on. I passed an old Sled (Snowmobile) and had to turn around for a picture then decided to stop for some food and to take a break. The road was awesome super twisty with incredible views and massive tunnels some over 2 miles.

I pull up to the border and there was a massive lineup of cars waiting, so of course I rode passed all of them toward the front of the line. I jumped off the bike and walked up to the police asking where I can park and where to go to get the show on the road. The police were actually really helpful and awesome, they told me to skip through and go and park in the back area. So I walked back to my bike and the guy who I had just passed gave me a thumbs up and waved; but as I got back to the bike there was a guy standing there checking it out. I smiled and said hi… You always run into people wanting to chat and find out your story... yeah not in this case......... (This is the first time this happened to me)..
“Do you think your special” –Old Man
“Ugh what”
“What gives you the right to skip in front of everyone, just because you’re on the bike?”
“Yes and I just got waved through by the cops, So obviously it is not a big deal”
“Oh so you’re just going to go and skip more people?”
“Yes yes I am, have a good one, great talk”- haha
“Figures so common of you guys”
So then I headed in and a police gave me a walking escort to a safe parking area for me to leave the bike and do my paper work. I walked in and was standing in a massive line; a guy who had helped me outside walked up grabbed me and told me to follow him. We skipped the line; he gave me some papers to fill out, and then walked me into the auto area where there were no lines. As I was standing there filling out the paper the old man was back!!!
“You think you can just skip everyone!” Old man
I was over him at this point...
“Whatever you say”
“You think your special”
“The cop gave me permission, go yell at someone else”
“You guys think you can drive however you want just because you’re in Latin America, would you drive like this in Colorado?
And then he turned to the immigration officer and told him I had skipped the line out side
“The police waved me through go yelled at them”
He then walked and whispered something else into his ear and walked away... Just in time to walk outside and watch 5 other bikers skip the line and park their bikes and walk inside, he walked away pissed... hahaha

I filled out my paper work and smashed through quickly, walked outside to get checked out. (I had been warned they x-ray all of your bags and so on) I was a little worried since I have my full Knife kit, Bear spray bottles, and a bunch of muscle relaxers from y friends Sister who is a doctor (due to an old injury flaring up.
The first lady walked up asked me to open all my bags and show her everything. You serious all of them? Then we opened my tank bag, she moved my hat and then pointed at my duffle, I opened that she saw my dirty boxers on top and said I was good to go… hahaha
The next guy came up and shook my hand looked over the bike asked a few questions, and then asked about my stuffed animal. Animal from the Muppets that is Zip tied to the front crash bar. He said I was all done, but then caught his eyes on my other crash bar that has Rabbit ears zip tied on that Pablo gave me for good luck. He asked if I had the rest of the Rabbit in my bag?? I thought he was joking, he was not. I told him they were good luck; oh cool I need you to take those off. I cut them off and went to hand them to him... ugh no thanks he pointed at the lady who had done the first search, she put out her hand with her head turn.. hahah not stoked I put them in her hand and she walked to the trash barely holding them..

I was off again and was so stoked pulled off at the first ski area took a few pics and then headed down. There was this one section of 30 switch backs broken off in two stages dropping over 1000meters or so. 3,000ft or so. So much fun and smooth, the views were incredible. I love the mountains it is just where I belong I think. The rest of the ride was smooth, until I pulled into a toll booth with no Chilean money. They would not take Argentinean peso, they would take a US dollar I didn’t have one. So I just sat there arguing with the lady, the guy behind was nice of enough to offer and pay my toll. I pulled off at the next stop to find an ATM. As I pulled into Santiago my direction I got off line were wrong, I also asked a cop and after a long time of explaining they realized I had no idea, so they told me to follow. They kicked their lights on and we headed off, got me on the right road and waved me through. I stopped after awhile after I had passed through Santiago. Finally after a phone call and a lot of driving in circles I was (A) wishing I wasn’t such a bad ass/ idiot and used a GPS hahahah (B) new better Spanish I finally found it with a quick riding down a sidewalk and going the wrong way on a street I made it to an awesome Hostel with safe huge amount of parking for bikes called Ventana Sur Hostel, also one of the cheapest one’s in Santiago. On a top note also just got voted tope three hostel in South America by hostel bookers.
I had been lost in Santiago for almost two hours haha.. Pulled in met great people and walked to the grocery store to find something Thanksgivingish. I bought a chicken, can of corn, , and M&M’S haha
















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Back track real quick, uruguay rodeo

Quick jump back to the farm Days:
On Sunday we jumped into Pablo’s VW truck and headed to the school which is also the rodeo grounds. We arrived and there was a lot of people standing around a massive field with three poles near the crowd and al the horses at the other end in a coral.
We were right next to the gate and watched as they brought three horses down, two guys and their horses to each wild, angry, pissed off horse.. They would literally drag it down the field and then pull it to the post tying it up and quickly through a blind fold over the eyes to keep it semi calm. Half the time thought they would just go crazy rolling on the ground and pulling, if they did lay on the ground and would not get up. All of the cowboys would start to kick or whip it until it would stand up kind of sad to see.
It was awesome to witness and experience, the rider would jump up on the horse and try to stay on while started to kick and get ready. One guy would pull the rope and horse was free; as he was leaving the post another guy holding the blind fold would pull it off as it the horse started it’s run. Then the horse would sprint as fast as it could kicking and bucking his way down the field. Two horsemen would chase after him on either side of him and try and grab him off of it. This was a very funny part of it, the guys would grab the riders off sometimes pulling them onto their horse; but most of the time the rider ended up on the ground. Sometimes they would pull the rider off, but not being able to hold him dropping him at high speeds to face plant onto the ground. Other times the riders would just crash to the floor, the horse would land on them, they would drag down the field, and other times just bucked off. There were three really good carnage wrecks, first one the guy was close to the fence (which is just a three wired fence) and he came smashing into it and all of the spectators went running and screaming, but he stayed on the horse and nobody was hit… Next was a guy who stayed on the horse as it straight lined it back toward the coral, The horse never stopped and blasted through the wood fence as the rider came crashing off..
The last was one of the last rides of the day, a young man was riding awesome as he headed down the field when the horse took a hard left and was T-Boned by one of the other horseman there to help. But instead he ran over the rider and his horse then body slammed the rodeo rider. He got carried/dragged off but was okay at the end of it.














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Thumbs up Santiago!!

Last night I met two really awesome English girls who are just starting a 2 year round the world trip Becca. So we went for a walk around Santiago, checked out a few different neighborhoods. It was so nice just walking around and talking a lot, we ended up at the Santiago Zoo. It was actually kind of impressive and depressing at the same time haha if that makes since at all. The only other one I have been to was the one with Nick in Cali, Colombia; where they did not have many animals and the ones they did have were dying. This one had tons of impressive animals, from monkeys, giraffes, elephants, tigers, and so on; the cages were to say the least ghetto but at least they seemed like they had been fed and weren’t all dying. It was also nice because it was cheap, 6 dollars for two hours of entertainment. We found a cheap place for a dirty cheese burger, we had a good laugh. The waiter was ridiculous and made everything so much more difficult, every time you would order he would second guess you and give you other options and so on, in very fast Spanish haha. We finally got our food and it was really good and was back on our way. We hung out all together drinking bottle after bottle of Chilean wine and eating really good local brie. This has been the best hostel I have stayed at in a very long time very impressed by the hostel and the people who pass through.
Woke up early and worked on some pictures. Headed off for a walk with Jonny from England and Jimmy from Australia, we walked for 5 hours or so all over Santiago. Even after two days of very long walks I still do not think I have seen it all and cannot wait to explore more. I really really like this city so far. We grabbed some food on the way back to the hostel and stopped and grabbed a six pack each. We sat at the pool trading stories and guzzling down some s and then went out for some more s and an empanada. I had one more and as exhausted from not really sleeping the night before, when I drink heavy I only get 3 or 4 hours sleep a night. So I ended up falling asleep at 6 or so slept till midnight got up for an hour and went back to sleep haha.
Sunday was a nothing day, walked around for a bit, made an awesome lunch for me and Jimmy, and topped off the day with writing, editing pics, and uploading.

I walked outside to take my bike to the shop and took off my soft bags, and checked my chain…. Shit... It was bad so so loose again, my chain is on the way out, and with the suspension gone it has slammed on my chain. I tightened it up and headed to the Kawi shop. Well when I say this I mean rode up and down the street looking and looking, finally saw a Japanese sign for a car and rode a sidewalk, and finally saw a tiny Kawi sign next a to a nice show room. The mechanic was at lunch so I left the bike and walked back to my hostel for lunch and then walked back with Jimmy. The mechanic was super cool and helpful; it looks to be I have blown my head gasket which I was guessing from everything that was going on with the bike. He has been super cool pointing me where to take my bike to an off road guy for my front and back suspension because that is where they would take it and charge me double. He also pointed me in the direction to get a cheap replacement Windshield, tires, and chain/sprocket set.
I got a last minute message on Couchsurfers to meet up with a local for a . I met her and a friend at a bar called California, which was nice and really good local . We will be meeting up on Thursday for me to cook up some dinner.
















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Talking Santiago

I walked outside to take my bike to the shop and took off my soft bags, and checked my chain…. Shit... It was bad; so so loose again, my chain is on the way out, and with the suspension gone it has slammed on my chain thus stretching it out to the max. I tightened it up and headed to the Kawi shop. Well when I say this I mean rode up and down the street looking and looking, finally saw a Japanese sign for a car and rode a sidewalk, and finally saw a tiny Kawi sign next a to a nice show room. The mechanic was at lunch so I left the bike and walked back to my hostel for lunch and then walked back with Jimmy. The mechanic was super cool and helpful; it looks to be I have blown my head gasket which I was guessing from everything that was going on with the bike. He has been super cool pointing me where to take my bike to an off road guy for my front and back suspension because that is where they would take it and charge me double. He also pointed me in the direction to get a cheap replacement Windshield, tires, and chain/sprocket set.
I got a last minute message on Couchsurfers to meet up with a local for a . I met her and a friend at a bar called California, which was nice and really good local . We will be meeting up on Thursday for me to cook up some dinner.

This week I ran around trying to get a few errands done including a last minute Chest X-ray for my OZ Visa….. I just wondered around the city getting lost and enjoying every minute... I really like Santiago; yes that is crazy for me to say due to the fact I hate big cities. Although on the contrary it does not feel like a big city, it has a very relaxed feeling. This hostel is really great with amazing workers and owners, as well as great travelers passing through. A few of us, a Norwegian, English, Australian, and an American went to a bar… haha I don’t know sounds like a good joke. But I guess the real joke was we were all sitting there drinking 2x1 happy hour Pisco Sour’s, which is the joke if you have ever drunken one or seen one.. It comes out in a cute little flute and extremely sweet, very very girly. My Chilean friends found out we had been drinking them and they started to laugh.
I went over to my CouchSurfers.com friends Nati and Magdalena to cook some dinner and drink some wine. I wanted to make one of my favorite fish dishes, but due to running around all day looking for parts and new tires I missed the fish market. So I arrived empty handed and we all went to the grocery store together. We decided on a chicken curry stir-fry. It came out pretty good, wasn’t my best but it was still good and the wine was really good as well as a few Piscola’s. We went to their friends club and met up with two of the girlfriends for a few more drinks, it was an awesome night with a ton of laughs. Took it easy on Friday as well, messed around with some photos, and got an email about my bike. Supposedly the Cylinder either got scratched up again or was never correctly honed in Argentina… So he said he was sending it out and that I would be ready to shred or at least take it to the suspension specialist on Tuesday haha.

Shot my Friend Juan who I met through Guille in Buenos Aires Argentina a few months back a message. He lives in Santiago and is a pro Photography; super chill dude. He invited me to go walk around the city and find some lunch. He scooped me up at the hostel and we headed off in his car, we parked near the fish market and walked around finally ending at the market. We grabbed a table and had a bottle of wine with two Cerviche, and a bowl full of shellfish. We had some Turkish coffee and I headed back to my hostel; on the way back he asked if I could help him out tomorrow with some pictures so he could get some lighting correct.
I got an email from Juan asking if I wanted to go over to his house tomorrow Sunday and have a BBQ.
I grabbed a sixer and headed over to Juan’s house to meet up with everyone for the BBQ. I met his friends they were a couple from the states (I am terrible with names now, I have met so many people) I will call them Chicago. If you’re reading this I am sorry I am an ass…. Hahaha
They have been down in South America Teaching English and traveling. We hung out eating Chorizo and having a lot of s. Around 6 they left and Juan grabbed his photo gear and set up his camera and lighting. I was given a leather jacket and a scarf, I went to where he said and he just laughed… He pointed at my scarf and told me to fix it. Haha I laughed and told him I did not know how to wear one of these things never have before. So he fixed it and we got our pictures on, with me getting told what facial expressions to do, I kept trying to do funny ones and well that was not going to help him haha. SO finally we got a few good ones, for my help he gave me a nice bottle of Pisco. I headed back to the hostel to meet up with Jonny Sweet (yes that is his last name and it is awesome haha). We had bought tickets for the semi finals in Football (Soccer) for all Chile teams. We met up with his friend Neil who is living in Santiago, they are both from Scotland. As we caught the tram we all notice it was mighty quiet on the tram and once we arrived it was a ghost town. Ugh oh. Jonny was not sure if he had the time right, internet said 7:45pm… So we arrived at the gates and could hear the game, we asked how long the game had been being played; 70 minutes shit 20-30minutes left if we were lucky. We tried to get in and they told us to go around the other side, I explained our screw up and they just let us in to catch the last bit. We got in and the stadium was packed with 38,000 screaming fans. Luckily for us the score was 0-0, so for not a massive soccer fan, I was not bummed we had missed 70 minutes of no scoring soccer in the dying heat haha. The team with maybe 10% of the fans in stands scored two back to back goals and everyone started getting a little pissed. Game over time to go, so we headed out with the massive crowd; as we got close to the tram there was a massive line so we decided to grab a soda and some street food. As we were sitting we heard some bottles smashing and looked behind us just in time to watch a small mob start throwing bottles and rocks at the cop cars. Then cops in full riot gear started running into the crowd toward us and everyone included ourselves started to run away haha… Everything was getting m ore and more hostile, it was time to go. So we got in line for the tram, as we were almost to the front of the line (not a line a massive group all pushing for a small gate opening) they shut the gate to many people in the station. So for about 20 minutes we got smashed around in the front against the gate as everyone was jumping and still singing even though their team had lost 2-0. All of a sudden the riot cops came into the line and pushed everyone back and slowly let us in, as we were waiting one cop pointed at someone I did not know what he had said. After we made it in Neil asked if we saw that!! Saw what? The cop who had pointed at that kid, when the kid passed through the gate he sucker punched the hell out of him and dropped him to the ground and just walked away.. Haha
We waited for the train and finally got on one, where we were stuffed in like sardines. The guy standing next to me maybe 45 or so, all of a sudden smacked a guy no older than 18 and made a hand gesture of give it back. The kid put his hands up signaling he had nothing the guy just laughed and did the gesture again, the Kid sighed and handed him back his phone he just stole!! Haha and that was it the guy just went back to listening to music and the kid got off.
The whole tram ride was like being on a trampoline, all the fans jumping up and down, making the tram just bounce so hard u could not keep your feet on the ground so u were bouncing around as well. I totally thought of a YouTube vid where the Tram just falls off the tracks. Haha We pushed our way off the tram and headed back to the hostel and to my bottle of Pisco and a good night meeting new people. Not knowing how long the bike would actually take I had asked Ivan if he needed in help since one of his workers just moved on, he said we would talk on Monday when he got back.

(I decided not to take my camera to the match, so I still need to get pictures from my friend Neil- so Pictures to come)






Not many pics this post, will have alot for the next.

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Santiago in a nutshell


I got an email Friday afternoon from the guy who is helping me out with my bike saying that the bike will be ready on Tuesday afternoon, but my cylinder head needs to be machined. Well I got an email today telling me there is a problem, the Machinist who is 35 years old dropped dead from a heart attack and it will be a few more days until he can find a new machinist… haha I got an email from my friend Juan telling me his client liked the picture we took and also was interested in take more pictures of me for their portfolio haha.
I talked with Ivan about working for him and it was vague, but then on Tuesday night he confirmed it with a handshake and I start Thursday night. He hooked it up with a discount on my bill as well as free living and food while I work for him. They want me to stay through Christmas working for them; I told them I will have to see how the bike goes. If my bike is shred ready by the 14th then I will leave and make it to Ushuaia before Xmas to meet friends, if not then I will stay here and leave on the 26th.
I walked around the city checking it out on my own just taking Santiago in, I really really like it. So now hopefully the bike will be done on Friday. I came down with something that dropped me, it started on the morning of Tuesday with cold symptoms and by the night I was curled up in blankets cold sweating and pooping…. Hahahaha I shook myself to sleep and was in and out all night drenched in sweat and freezing.
Woke up feeling okay, not great but okay; but I had promised my friend I would help him out and go to a photo shoot for him. I showed up and it was a professional Photo shoot, I had to put on a skin tight V-neck, leather jacket, and a scarf. Oh don’t forget I had to sit and get makeup on…. Hahaha I was for sure it was a setup from another one of our friends playing a joke on me... Hahaha
I started work on Thursday night; I work at the hostel “Ventana Sur Hostel” which has awesome motorcycle parking as well an amazing owner. This place makes you feel like you’re in your own home, with a nice kitchen, communal area, pool, and gated driveway. I am working 5 hours a night for trade for a bed, breakfast, wine, and some meals. I work 6:30pm-11:30pm I hang out with the guest have a few s, deal with late check-ins, any questions they may have, and just make sure everyone is happy. End of the week bike still is not ready. I did run around getting a few new parts like sprockets, chain, front and back tires Pirelli MT60 and some oil. Quick hint if you are looking for parts or tires in Santiago ask them for the price then after you get the written price tell them you will use credit card and ask what the price difference will be if you use cash he knocked 20% off for me....

Well this will be a whirl wind wrap up of the past 2 weeks living and working in Santiago Chile.

I finally got my bike back and it is running like a bat out of hell, the best it has felt in over six months!!! Well that is the Engine at least; I took it to a Race Tech Suspension guy who supposed to be the best in all suspensions in Chile. Sadly he had no parts which are new front springs and at least a rebuild on the stock shock and a new coil. I had hoped to catch a friend coming down from the states but did not work out. On an upside I picked up Race-tech as a small sponsor not full sponsor but helping me out a bit. So they have sent new spring for the back as well as for the front and the gold valve kit. Hopefully I will be back on the road by the first week in January and head north to check out the Dakar Rally before finishing up this continent by finally making it to Ushuaia a six month planned journey which has been stretched to the most amazing 14+ Months. Hahaha
I have walked all over this awesome city and hiked up to the Virgin Mary statue a few times. I have been working on figuring out all of my shipping details, locking down a job, airline tickets, carnets, getting another international drivers license, and working on getting some new gear shipped to my bro’s house in Cali which I will pick up on my way through to Australia. Yup I will fly to from Santiago to LA for a few days; drop a bunch of crap off and to pick up a few new things that will be making my pictures better (dslr, new laptop, and a few other things), new boots, changing up helmet to my old Shoei not a fan of the DS Fly, new windshield and pro tapers, chain, sprocket, (My local shop who sponsors me is helping me get some deals on some new bike gear).
For flights I have found the cheapest way to fly is to go one way Santiago to LA stay with my bro for a few days and then fly one way to Sydney Australia. Doing this will not only save me roughly $400 bucks but also give me a chance to grab a few things on my way.
The past few weeks working at the hostel I have met so many awesome people and grab connections around the world to visit. I might have landed a job working as a Chef on a luxury train line in Australia for six months. We will see if it plays out; if so it will mean $$$$$ and free accommodation and food… Fingers are crossed!!!
I have truly lucked out with where I have been getting stuck and waiting on parts, this place is awesome and the owner and hostel is amazing. Ivan is so generous he is constant throwing BBQ, buying wine and cheese for the guest, and just an awesome guy to sit down and talk with.

PS the hostel is "Ventana Sur Hostel" with safe parking, cheap beds, pool, kitchen, awesome owner, and just a relaxed atmosphere.












Tons of new albums and updates on my facebook page "Wheres Fletch"
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Spiced up the Website check it out let me know what you think if it is user friendly or not.. I suck at this whole Website thing
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I am also now on twitter.. not sure about it but we will see.....

More updates coming .. Christmas and New Years
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