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Fish 28 Aug 2006 06:10

Ohlins rebuild in Thailand?
Does anyone know of a place in Bangkok/Thailand that rebuilds Ohlins shocks?

Cheers Fish.

hook 22 Oct 2009 13:18

3 years late: better late than never! I just had my Ohlins shock rebuilt in Bangkok by Dirt Shop. When I picked up the shock I thought it was new. They did a great job. It cost $80usd for the full rebuild. The bike and I are in Cambodia now and have worked the suspension hard in the the mountains of southwest Cambodia. Hope this helps others. Google Dirt Shop Bangkok or try:Dirt Shop. 23/6 Moo 5 On-Nuch, 10250 Praves, Bangkok. p: 662 3221446 f: 662 3214689.

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