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beddhist 19 Feb 2008 10:32

Nepal - Kathmandu
Kathmandu Motor Cycle Servicing Workshop

This garage is managed by twin brothers (Pushpa & Laxmi Narayan), speaking good English, very meticulous and clean (rare here), lots and lots of good (and rare) tools, intelligent and used with BMW (they have already opened completely two engines... and rebuilt them, of course ;-). They even have a "precision lathe"! Phone number is 44 22 857, they are located in Kamalpokhari. The garage is in the lower ground floor, below the building "Asian Pharmaceutical".

I've never seen people working like this anywhere in my life, and I'm a bike mechanic myself. It's like watching open heart surgery. The twin brothers take great care and know their stuff, including big bikes.

GPS N27 42.610 E85 19.438

To find them without GPS go to the road that runs along the South of the royal palace and head E. Take the second road right (S), then the first major road left (E). After 190 m they are on the left. This is a busy one way street, so go slow.

xrnik 9 Apr 2008 00:53

Happy to hear that.. Maybe if I reach Nepal visit them. Thanks for the info.

kebabtomten 22 Oct 2009 11:13

Fantastic Mechanics In Kathmandu
I have to say I had some doudbt about going to this shop but when I got there I was bedazzled by there amout off experience in any big bikes. The brothers father used to be the former kings mechanic repairing nortons ,BMW ,BSA etc! Not only is the shop spotless hey both speak excellent english and have probably more knowlegde about any bike you bring them.

They proudly showed me a thich booklet of pictures of a repair they did on a 1150 Gs and they had some manuals for it. I also gave them a copy of my BMW 1200gs manual .

They fixed my broken screen
They adjusted the valves for me! the bikes sounds like knew
They made! a new sump wascher for my filter as it seemd to have been lost along the way

Hers is the fun part, some how along the way the longest screw that holds the back mud guard had been broken off! and wedged in the socket

Not only did they drill out the remains , they made a complete new screw to excatly fit .

The best mechanics I have ever encountered , nothing is impossible for the brothers....

Johan Janssen 30 Dec 2012 13:14

Another recommedation here

Kind regards,

Johan Janssen


Walkabout 31 Dec 2012 00:33


Originally Posted by Johan Janssen (Post 405675)
Another recommedation here

Kind regards,

Johan Janssen


I read your original post on the other thread; credit where credit is due, it is good that you posted in here for those who look for future recommendations of Nepalese workshops :thumbup1:

Kiwi-videos 2 May 2013 21:16

New Exhaust valve and Guide

Pushpa and Laxmi Narayon put a new exhaust valve and guide into my BMW R100 some 5000km ago now and my bikes running perfectly.

I had all the parts needed couried (TNT) out from Munich Motorcycles in Perth ,West Australia which took around two days to get too Nepal , Kathmandu.
Another day too get them out of Customs at the Customs building near too the airport.
Munich Motorcycle greatly reduced the price listed in the paperwork for Customs in Nepal and they charged around 24% duty onto it.
The fixxers did thier on own trick on the priced listed and increased thier cut also after we settled on a fee. ( did a second form when I wasn,t around ).

very happy with the work.

pj6 29 May 2013 10:03

Brilliant Mechanics Kathmandu
Firstly Thanks to everyone for their recommendations-- Spot on

Pushpa & Laxmi at Kathmandu Motorcycle Servicing Workshop have done a brilliant job servicing, repairing, replacing and revamping my worn out Aprilia Pegasus 650 after 5months thru India and 7 mths lying idle in K.
Communicative, professional and knowledgable mechanics.

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