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Lisa Thomas 6 Dec 2010 13:34

...great workshop in Bangkok. Thailand
as its the season for great motorbike travel in Thailand I thought Id re-iterate some of what has been said a little while ago...especially as we've just had a first-hand and recent experience.

Simon needed some quite serious work done on his R1150GS..now he's very precious about his bike and always tries to be there if someone else has to work on it. This time we just didint have the tools as we needed the engine slplit in order to replace the cam chain guides both right and left lower had shattered.

We were advised by Touratech Thailand to take the bike into Dynamic Motors.

this guy works on all major 'big' european motorbikes. BMW germany trained etc. Simon was so confident in Yongyut (AKA Yuth) that he just left him to it...and he was very very pleased with the result and Yuth's advice. It might not look like much when you get to his workshop but dont let that put you off.

Yongyut Pol-Isariyakul
Dynamic Motors
259/1-2 Visuttikasat Rd
Bangkok: Fax:+66-2-2810322 Ph:+66 -2-2829999
email: dynamic@samart.co.th

GPS ref: N13 45.652 E100 30.365

his english is very good.

anyhow - hope this info may help anyone who needs work done.
I'm not too sure if he can work on the Japanese bikes....but with BMW's he's great.:thumbup1:


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