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Jurgen 30 Jun 2002 23:38

BMW & all Jap repair, Bangkok, Thailand
BMW and other bigbike repair can be done @ Yuts place or Yut and his mechanics do it for you. Great source for any motorcycle related information. Yut will find almost any part for you. If he cannot organise the repair for you nobody in Thailand can.

Name: Yongyut Pol-Isariyakul
Nickname: Yut
Company: Dynamic Motors
Email Address: dynamic@samart.co.th
Adress: 259/1-2 Visuttikasat Rd.
Bangkok 10200
Tel: ++66/ 2/ 282 9999


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Simon Kennedy 1 Jul 2002 15:50

Like quite a few overlanders I talked to I was pretty disappointed by the service at Yut's. While he is undoubtedly a lovely guy, and has helped a few of us out great deal, the service is very hit and miss. And pricey. He is extremely disinterested in overlanders. As he put it to one "I don't want to be on your web site, I have enough business".
I would recommend him for those on old BMWs, about which he knows a great deal. But make sure he does the work, as the young guys there (who do nearly everything) are trained to the usual asian standards, ie, not at all.
For some reason he has become The Overlander Bike Shop, something he neither wants nor deserves.
A bit better are Siam Superbike on Ekamai (Soi 63 off Sukumvit). At least they are interesed. The usual asian caveats apply of course; best to stand over the mechanic while he is working (hate to sound chauvinist here, but lots of experience, of the wrong variety, lead me to a pretty harsh assessment).

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mmaarten 23 Jan 2003 18:54

So many people... so many opinons..

Right now my bike is in the skilfull hands of Yut and his mecanics... New tyres, chain, oils, filters, the works...
He welcomed me into his shop as an old friend... Gave me lunch and started to gather info and parts for the bike.

I am very happy to have met him and chi, his asistant who tought me my first Thai words.

So... for me Yut and his people are a home away from home...


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