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winnieFN 11 Sep 2010 14:32

1923 FN motorcycle Pekintoparis.com
Hi All - am doing a 6 week adventure from pekintoparis on a 1923 FN, Winnie. Spokes have been snapping and I later learned that it looks as though
the tyre has wedged itself between the wheel and the drive shaft
slightly bending the shaft which is now running out of true and
causing overheating of the pinion bearing. I need help locally from a motorbike mechanic/workshop/somewhere to get spokes...anyone know of help in Erenhot or Ulaan Bataar??

MountainMan 11 Sep 2010 18:15

In Ulaan Bataar, the Oasis guesthouse is run by a German couple who know the local bike mechanics quite well and would be good place to start your search. Plus, it's a great place to stay while you get everything figured out.

..:: OASiS ::..

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