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easyg 29 Apr 2010 22:42

Willi Motos: Repair shop in Montevideo, Uruguay
A friend from Montevideo recommended a repair shop to me, in fact the name cropped up a couple of times during my stay in Uruguay. A friendly fella also waved me down whilst I was riding in the city to say that if I had any problems and needed assistance he could help; that person was Kevin, the son of Willi @ Willi Motos.

Both Kevin & Willi are keen overland bikers and they have a workshop full of collectable bikes ranging from BMW's to Harley's and even a Nortki (a hybrid Norton/Suzuki)

They have a few tires in stock and since they're in the business of rebuilding and repairing bikes as well as riding them overland I'd say that they're just the kind of people to understand and assist you if you run into problems in Uruguay. I should add that Willi doesn't speak English but Kevin does. Kevin doesn't work at the workshop but he is often there.

Willi Motos is at:
Solano Lopez 1684
Tel: 619 29 01
Cell: 0996 43224

34°53'30.18"S 56° 7'31.54"W

jhoncooperworks 29 Apr 2010 23:51

added info
hello graham thanks for the info; willi have many friends with enduro bikes and the web is Motogrupo "Pare de Sufrir" also to contact him, email adress is lemes54@hotmail.com
moto amigos siempre:thumbup1:

PAPAYACO 19 May 2011 01:04

Thanks willi motos guys
After 6 months of my RTW i meet a Willi and Kevin of willi motos in Montevideo Uruguay very good people they help me to find a tyres and chain for my bike, very nice people to share a good time.... They have a good shop with accesories for all kind of bikes and very good friends to know Montevideo...thanks Willi and Kevin.

Despues de 6 meses en mi viaje alrededor del mundo conoci a Willi y Kevin de willi motos en Montevideo Uruguay muy buenas personas que me ayudaron a encontrar llantas y una cadena para mi moto, excelentes personas para compartir un buen rato....Ellos tienen una muy buena tienda donde encuentas toda la variedad de accesorios para tu moto y tienen muy buenos amigos para mostrarles la ciudad...Gracias Willi y Kevin.

slojo 6 Jan 2012 02:29

Long time reader of these boards but first time poster :innocent:

I was just in Montevideo a few days ago and needed some work done to my bike, I'd seen this thread and went to Willi Motos.

Turns out Willi is the Uruguayan importer for Royal Enfield Motorcycles. I didn't meet Kevin, but I did meet Jose and Aldo who own the mechanic's workshop side of the business. All three are great people who were very helpful and professional.

As mentioned before, Willi doesn't speak much English, but he has traveled around South America by motorbike extensively and can provide some useful information. Jose and Aldo both speak good English. I highly recommend these guys!

I think the address is actually Solano Lopez 1686, but it's hard to miss, and it's right next to a supermarket.

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