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bruceontheloose 11 Mar 2008 21:20

Where in Chile or Argentina to service vstrom?
I think I expected Suzuki to have a bigger presence in South America.. I`ve seen a few vstroms in Chile but none in Argentina. I hope to get my bike serviced (new air filter/ oil filter/ oil/ tyres mainly) once I get back up to around Santiago or back over in Mendoza, Argentina. (3 or 4 weeks from now) Where can I buy a Suzi airfilter from?? Should I pre order some tyres to avoid the risk of a long wait?
I can change them over myself as a viable/alternative option (that is the filters, not the tyres...).

Thanks for any help.


Tires 12 Mar 2008 01:53

In Santiago you can find Suzuki service at:

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