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Sigrid and Andi 21 Apr 2009 01:31

Tires in Santa Cruz/Bolivia??
Is it possible to get new tires for KLR in Santa Cruz de las sierras? Or where in Bolivia is another option to get some?

quastdog 21 Apr 2009 13:31

Santa Cruz is Bolivia's biggest city, the most prosperous, and most everything of value imported into the country comes through Santa Cruz. (unless the 'S.C. de los sierras' you reference is some other place - just Santa Cruz as far as I know).

Of all the places in Bolivia to expect to find anything for motorcycles, this is the most likely place.

Sigrid and Andi 22 Apr 2009 22:41

Santa Cruz is right that we mean. But we thought the biggest city is La Paz...:-)
Hope we will be lucky...her in Paraguay we were not. At tollfreezone at the border to Iguazu tires are cheap, but there is mostly Pirelli and for the KLRs dimension they have only MT60. We don´t like that for crossing the Amazon!

cnagel6 23 Apr 2009 00:50

I hope this would help.

Kawasaki dealers around south america, and it shows one for Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


Av. 26 de Febrero
Esq. Roca y Coronado
SANTA CRUZPhone: 591-3-351-0441
Fax: 591-3-351-0441
Sales: Kawa@cotas.com
Mario Cesar Quintela K. (GM

Jeffr726 23 Apr 2009 21:01

17 inch tires in La Paz
I found an MT21 for my DR at a bike shop in La Paz back in January. If I remember correctly they had a couple of them. Here's the coordinates I pulled off of google earth. It's on the corner of Calle 21 and Montenegro in the San Miguel neighborhood.

68° 4'39.32"W

Hope this helps.


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