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Grant-Ange 18 Jul 2012 05:54

Peru, Jaen. Great repair shop.
After blowing the rear shock on my F650 in northern Peru I was expecting the worst, a spine shattering ride into Ecuador or worse, Colombia. But I came across a Honda Mechanic in Jaen. Technimotors Y Rectificaciones "Alonso". Alonso and his team had me off the street and the rear shock out late Friday afternoon and the shock dismantled and repaired by Saturday afternoon. All this despite never working on a BMW or having any real experience with a big bike or a mono shock. A few phone calls to Lima for advice and a wish to see me going again is all it took. I can not say enough good things about this shop. Ange and I even went out for dinner with Alonso afterward, everything you expect from South American ingenuity and hospitality. No English spoken so be prepared, but a professional, clean workshop willing to help.

Calle Libertad 491, Jaen. Cajamarca.
Ph: 978586205
email: tec_alonso@hotmail.com

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