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Dan 23 21 Aug 2004 05:21

Lima, Peru
Great mechanics at Tatu's gaff, av Las Colinas, Miraflores, next to the Honda dealer. La Colinas is a couple of blocks off Parque Central, between av Arequipa and Ricardo Palmer, square side of the expressway.

Enthusiastically recommended, though not especially cheap. And happily works on all models of bikes - there were even a couple of Husabergs in the workshop, along with loads of tricky motocross strokers.

Suerte, Dan Walsh

pierresas 8 Sep 2004 13:25

I confirm what Dan says, the guy is great. He fixed the rear shock of our BMW F650 Dakar (oil reservoir exploded) while I´m sure any mechanic in Europe or the US would have asked us to replace it. Result: we paid $50 instead of $800 for a new shock.

The other maintenance things we had done were billed at an ok price. They have a small selection of tires and plenty of parts. They work mostly on Honda and Yamaha but you also find some KTMs and BMWs.

The exact name and address are:
Tator Racing
Colina 460
Miraflores, Lima
Tel: 447-9718

Pierre Saslawsky

Twintraveller 20 Jul 2005 03:15

Yes, confirm. They are great, also the guys from the Honda Shop itself.

COLINA 480 - MIRAFLORES. LIMA. 4450462 / 2410484


check under Lima


jason.sarach 18 Aug 2005 08:56

how about a place for me and the bike just to sleep? any ideas?
thanks, Jason

Heiko 28 Aug 2005 09:05

¿How about that?


CU out there

Greets Heiko

nickdude 2 Jan 2007 21:27

Highly Recommend These Guys
They did wonders for me. parts were pricey, but i was in no position to complain. they saved the day.

2fortheroad.co.uk 21 Oct 2012 19:05

Good Mechanic in Miraflores Lima Peru
Just to let you know, Tator Racing does no longer exist at the address stated above. 460 and 480 Narcisso Colina now both belong to Desert Sport Racing, Honda.

I had some work done there a few days ago. My impression is that the mechanic (Jose) is sound. His original opinion on what the problem was with my bike was inaccurate but nevertheless the work that was done was satisfactory and not badly priced in my opinion.

2 hours work, replacing the timing chain tensioner, opening the side panel and checking the state of the chain and primary oil filter, then closing it up again, replacing the paper oil filter and changing the oil and checking and regulating the valve timing, cost 70 Soles in labour.
Another hour of work for changing the rear tyre and tube cost 20 Soles.

The thing I liked here was that I could deal with the mechanic (Jose) directly and he could quote me prices for the work and there was no salesman involved, although part purchases and all payments are done in the adjacent shop.

I was able to discuss the problems I was having and follow a plan of action with the mechanic, and he was helpful and not impatient or loathe to do this. (Where some others might give you the feeling you're interfering with their business...)

Aside from that I think the work he did was of good quality. He did not use torque a wrench for tightening any of the bolts, which would have made me feel a bit better, but maybe that's just me and my paranoia.

The shop has a wide selection of spares and accessories too, including heavy duty tubes and Slime puncture prevention. One thing that is a bit annoying is that they sell some of the items in the shop in USD as opposed to local currency, which is A confusing and B means you have to work with whatever exchange rate they adopt if you pay in Soles.

Over all I would happily recommend this place.

(Ideally situated VERY close by is the excellent Link Hostel, which is reasonably priced and has parking space but would probably not work for a large bike though.
General Suarez 338/332, Miraflores Tel: +51-(1)-2423198 email:linkhostels@linkhostels.com skype:link.hostels)

FYI: I also found another mechanic / spares shop further up the (Paso de la Republica) road which looked quite professional but I have not dealt with them. Here are the details:
(Francisco Leonardo Cruz)
Prolongacion Iquitos 1469, Paso de la Republica 1448 - Lince, Lima
Tel: 2651708 Cel: 9941-66302 Cel: 9993-69486 email:limahondaparts1@yahoo.com

TobiasdeGraaf 1 Aug 2013 17:54

Mechanics next to Honda Desert Sport NOT recommended
Hi all,

So we had kind of a different experience with the mechanics next to the Honda Desert Sport store (which is fine by the way, lots of parts and good selection of Pirelli tires).

We mainly asked them to clean and balance the carbs and adjust the valves for our Honda Transalp from 87. So here's what happened:

-After three days of driving the motor began to lose a considerable amount of power in low speed. Went to a local mechanic in northern peru, who got the carbs out, which missed one of the two airmixture screws, were amazingly dirty and flooded with fuel. Also the aircasket under the tank wasn't connected; which made it so dirty.
-We also experienced a loss of power on high speed and thought it had to do with something done by the mechanic, possibly the valves. We had told the mechanic beforehand that the valve clearances for the Transalp from 87 are different than for later models, and he responded that he knew. But we checked the valves after about 1000km and he adjusted them to 0,15 mm instead of 0,10 mm! Also, in one cylinder one of the two valve intakes was less than 0,10 and the other more than 0,15.... Luckily we checked before this caused damage :)

Needless to say, we weren't too happy with them. You are not really allowed to look and the mechanics are not very communicative (the mechanic working on our bike was Aron). Once we found all of this out, we called them and try to tell them. However, the garage hung up on us and didn't pick up a call from our number since.

Maybe Lima Honda Parts SRL is better for servicing. If you use the garage next to Honda Desert Sport, be clear on what you want, how you want it and keep a close eye :) Happy travels!

Farkles 8 Aug 2013 03:53

Three summers ago I had my KLR into the shop next to said HDS shop and figured I would get a few things done while I was there. The main issue was leaky fork seal but figured I would clean up the rear brake and replace steering bearings...

In the process:

1) head bearing seal was bent out of shape during bearing replacement.

2) not one but two rear brake caliper pin Allen heads were stripped. Didn't think to stop after the first one was too tight and stripped. I had to have them extracted and have new pins fabricated out of scrap paying two additional shops for the work.

3) my replacement fork seal was installed upside down and began to leak worse than pre-repair a couple days later. It was properly installed later in La Paz, Bolivia by a gentleman who had been responsible for assembly and maintenance of Bolivian police KLRs. It is still leak free today.

I wasn't too impressed with the service from this mechanic. He used his ham fist first and then asked questions later.

Chris Cowper 8 Jan 2014 14:39

Tato Racing has moved to El Carmen St 320. Miraflores. Lima. Peru.

He still seems to have the good work ethic as before. GPS: S 12 degrees 06.910'. W 077 degrees 01.427'. There is not any sign. Look for the street number.

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